The new benefits of broadband | TQS Magazine

Remember the days of dial-up? Remember when the word ‘broadband’ was an exotic addition to the English language? Can you cast your mind back to Internet speeds which crawled like a snail?

It’s hard to believe that this was only a few short years ago before Broadband usage became so widespread. Broadband has changed our lives improving access to film and music entertainment as well as other forms of communication.

Keep up

There is so much competition out there in terms of broadband providers. This translates into benefits for customers. Some providers now offer unlimited fibre broadband packages which means enjoying films, music and gaming without streaming being slowed down. Tailor-made usage limits for the Internet are often included in latest packages to suit individual customers.

This technological development also enables you to download as much as you like and take your pick of catch-up TV.

No more remote wars

One of the best advantages of catch-up TV is how it benefits households who argue over the remote control! After all, not everyone is in the luxurious position of being able to have the television to themselves all night.

Catch-up TV is the facility which enables watching a programme outside prescribed viewing times. There is no need to seethe if you are stuck in traffic because you are missing your favourite show and TV power struggles become a thing of the past.

Extra perks

Sometimes, providers offer extra bonuses with broadband packages like free Wi-Fi, all-important Internet security software and online storage. With hackers becoming more and more sophisticated, you can’t overlook security. Providers work with the best names in the field of online security.

Online storage is a huge advancement. Popularly known as the Cloud, this is a virtual location where your digital information is stored. The Cloud is in fact multiple banks of computers which are home to billions of pieces of cyber data. Storing material in the Cloud frees up cyber space for other data.

On the move

The concept of Wi-Fi hotspots, locations in public places where you can connect to the Internet, is widespread now. Hotspots make it possible to connect to the internet where and when you need, across a range of devices from laptops to iPhones. This is another perk which is commonly part of broadband packages so get shopping!