Misfits Series 3 Episode 7 Review | TQS Magazine

From a funny episode last week, to an even funnier one this week. Raising the dead seems like awfully hard work. I can’t imagine Curtis will keep this power for very long. Seth and Curtis open the episode by digging up Seth’s ex girlfriend who died after an overdose. Seth blames himself and obviously wants to make amends. They bring her back to life, Seth dumps Kelly and they try to go back to normal. But something’s not right with her.

Curtis also brings a cat back from the dead for an old lady; thinking he’s done something good, he’s pretty happy with himself. When he returns her cake tin (a thank you from her for helping Mr Muggles the cat) he can see it’s gone all Pet Seminary and started eating the poor lady’s face. So he locks himself in the bathroom and calls the other Misfits. All tooled up (apart from Rudy; he just bought a Cornetto with him) they go to kill the cat. However they all chicken out. Rudy points out they have no problem killing probation workers but a cat is something else. The old lady comes back to life and gets a hammer to the face but they decide to take the cat back to the community centre, where a group of cheerleaders are practicing their moves.

Kelly goes to Seth’s to tell him what’s going to happen to his girlfriend, but he just thinks she is jealous. He starts to notice though that she didn’t come back as normal and I don’t think he was terribly happy about her eating his pet iguana.

Back at the community centre Mr Muggles has escaped and is causing havoc with the cheerleaders. After the cheerleaders turn into zombies then they turn on the Misfits, who take great delight in bashing their brains in with some baseball bats. Seth’s ex turns up too and he eventually kills her.

The thing that struck me most about this episode is the sense of camaraderie within the group. Kelly asks them to kill her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend and they say yes and bring weapons. They seem like they would do anything for each other. Even newbie Rudy drags a sledgehammer up to his flat to help. I loved when Rudy was waiting for the new probation worker to turn and he said “We’re in the wrong place, a lot. We’re not really bad kids.” I think he’s right. Okay so a lot of people die around them but, as Alisha points out, they actually saved the world today. As long as they did find Mr Muggles.

Next week sees the return of some familiar faces that are sure to cause waves within the Misfits. And also more from Superhoodie Simon!

Favourite Moments

Rudy’s terror at discovering there are cheerleaders in the community centre. He tells his story of why he is scared of them to Alisha and Simon, who can’t help but laugh.

The ending was great; the Misfits start celebrating then remember they didn’t actually kill Mr Muggles.

I also like Rudy’s comment, “We’re really not bad kids.” Then killing ANOTHER probabtion with a baseball bat.

Review by Natz