Misfits Blog: Series 3 Episode 3 Review | TQS Magazine

It’s Simon’s turn in the spotlight this week, and he’s still trying to become “Superhoodie” (which seems to be his official name now). He knows it’s his destiny and he knows what will happen to him but still he does it all for Alisha. Awwww! 

Things are going pretty well for Simon. Him and Alisha are together and in love, he is still doing loads of parkour trying to hone his Superhoodie routine, okay so he’s back on probation but overall things are looking good. Especially considering what he has been through. I think he is the centre of the group and without him the Misfits wouldn’t have a heart. Even though Simon has had some rough moments (him killing probation worker number 2 springs to mind) he seems to be a lot more normal now. Most of that is down to him having a purpose and a girlfriend. I also feel that with Simon he is the only one interested in helping others, he actually wants to become a superhero.

The episode starts with yet more young offenders in the community centre, and we are introduced to a comic book guy called Peter. Superhoodie helped him when he was getting mugged and he figures out it’s Simon by his voice. They get talking and see that they share a lot of the same thinking, mainly about superheroes and how they should act. Simon has found someone a bit like himself so he ends up asking “Do you want to be my best friend?” Sweet, and a bit creepy. 

Peter has got a great power, he draws comic strips and then the stories come to life. Alisha figures out what’s happening when Simon dumps her. Thinking it must have something to do with Peter the gang help her break into Peter’s place and rip up the drawings. Simon and Peter end up fighting and Simon stabs Peter, perhaps by accident. We then see that Peter drew all this and that it was meant to happen.

This isn’t a series you can jump into, you have to watch from the beginning. And I’m pretty sure that most people would agree Simon has changed. Yes, he’s still shy and quiet but he was definitely weird in the first series. Yet, somehow he and Alisha work, they are a sweet couple but there is still that thing hanging over them; the moment she knows he has to go back in time and save her by sacrificing himself. At the end of the episode she gets him to promise to stop being Superhoodie, but instead of burning the suit like she asks he hides it away.

Not much for Curtis, Kelly or Rudy to do in this episode. Curtis especially just fades into the back ground. Kelly tries to pull her mystery man by downing a pint and Rudy is just being his usual crude, funny self. One thing that did surprise me was that Simon’s power wasn’t mentioned, even in his own episode they instead chose to focus on the fact he was training himself to be a superhero. 

Lots of comic book action, which fitted in perfectly within the Misfits world. The preview of next episode looked amazing. Nazis?? I have no idea where you are going with that one Misfits but I’ll be along for the ride.  

Favourite Moments

Nearly all of Rudy’s comments made me laugh. I loved when he introduced himself to Superhoodie. Also when Shaun saw there were two of them and he made up a great story. He said as twins they take it in turn to do the community service at which Shaun replied as long as one of you turns up, he wasn’t bothered.

It was Kelly and Curtis with my favourite scene though. After Kelly had stopped the alarm from ringing using her power, Curtis looks at her with a smile and says, “You’re a fucking rocket scientist.” Kelly’s reply?

“Yes I fucking am.” Elegant as always.