Men's Fashion Finds #30: Woodsies | TQS Magazine

Aloha! We’re back. Missed us? Good, we missed you. You may remember a while back we wrote about our Summer Shopping List. Well, now that the glorious sunshine is here, let’s revisit. We’ve printed trousers in the pipeline (check back), smart shorts in the shopping basket, and we’ve moved on from teal to mint. SORRY. SORRY. Whilst teal is, frankly, the best colour ever, there’s something about the mouthwash freshness of mint that’s tingling our fashion taste buds at the moment. That, and grey jeans. In summer. We think it makes us look like Ryan Gosling, but so far all we’ve got is ‘you look like a miner’.

Another part of our summer shopping list was the perfect pair of sunglasses. And whilst we professed to have found them, we may be eating our words. Clearly, we hadn’t discovered Woodsies at the time. Don’t let the slightly phallic nature of the name put you off. In this case, you definitely want wood. JUST LOOK AT THEM. Sunglasses, readers, say a lot about a person. Example: person wearing them in a club – twat. Person wearing ones that aren’t the right shape for their face – misguided (you’ll get there, promise). Person who invented sunglasses made from wood? ACCESSORIES GENIUS.  Jeez, we’ve used a lot of caps lock in this post.

Each pair of Woodsies is different, just as every bit of wood, or every tree used to create them is. Handcrafted from sustainable wood and made with the finest UV lens, they really are pretty special. Bet your plastic, earth killing Ray Ban knockoffs are feeling a bit shabby now, aren’t they? You know the drill: support up and coming cool folk like these, look ace in the park, job’s a gud’un. Until next time.

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