The Ultimate Alien wears high heels (and a Storage 24 review) | TQS Magazine

That’s according to Universal Pictures at least, who have put together this graphic to celebrate the release of Noel Clarke’s sci-fi/horror Storage 24 on DVD & Blu-ray today. It’s pretty cool and we particularly like the real left-field selections they’ve made such as Audrey II’s singing voice and the sartorial appreciation of the Mars Attacks aliens. Here are their ‘findings’ in full:

But what’s the film like?

Storage 24 is a relatively low budget British film with big ambitions, starring and co-written by Noel Clarke (Kidulthood), it follows the sticky situation of a bunch of people trapped in a storage container facility with a homocidal alien.

The central performances are solid, with Noel Clarke leading the film confidently. Furthermore, the alien/monster is satisfyingly scary and provides more than a few jumps. Storage 24 won’t be remembered in a year or two, but it’s relatively entertaining and a perfectly good Halloween flick.

Storage 24 will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download October 29th.

By Jamie McHale