Men's Fashion Finds #34: Brackish | TQS Magazine

Don’t know about you, but our inbox has been FIT. TO. BURST. with e-mails about the ‘party season’. Glittery frocks this, sparkly bangles that. We even got one about Spanx. Ahem. Whilst we’re not 100% bah humbug, Christmas gift guides, ‘edits’, ‘blogger picks’ and the like can get a bit much. It’s like, stick a bauble border round your products and you’ve apparently got the solution to what to buy your difficult brother. But it’s NEVER the case – my brother wouldn’t want any of that ol’ shite. In fact, my brother last year asked for a part for his bike which connected two other bits and could only be purchased from a specialist cycle shop using a serial code system like some sort of secret handshake club. Press release THAT.

ANYWAY. Like we said, we’re not completely soulless. And we came across a lovely brand recently called Brackish, and since they scream ‘ace gift idea’ we thought now would be a good time to tell you all about them. Hailing from across the pond, Brackish bow ties are like the peacocks (quite literally) of the men’s tie world: ties to be noticed, ties to make a statement. Not in the novelty, ‘look it spins / flashed / plays a barely unrecognisable Jingle Bells‘ kind of way – rather a very swish, very stylish alternative to your normal black tie clobber.

Brackish bow ties are made from a variety of feathers, including rooster, pheasant, peacock and guinea. The ties, as you can see below, are stunning – the natural patterns creating a glorious visual. Some of them even some with a snakeskin wrap, you in, in case they weren’t awesome enough to being with. With each feather hand selected, and all products made with sustainability and care at the forefront, the ties become even more special. With a wedding or two just around the corner, we can’t get enough of these stand out accessories adding a splash of colour to the often stuffy world of formalwear. Oh, and it would make a perfect present for that hard to buy for brother, right?

If these are a little too left-wing for your tastes but you still want something independent visit Streethub 

Find Brackish here, or on Twitter.