Men's Fashion Finds #29: High Spirit | TQS Magazine

Another week, another ace fashion find. Last time we brought you a brand we couldn’t find anywhere in the UK (cutting edge, right?) – well this time we’ve done one better, by showcasing a brand that’s yet to even go into production. Yup, we’re that on trend. Hold on to your fashion hats as we introduce High Spirit.

High Spirit, founded by brothers Joshua and John Okungbaiye, is what we like to call, a ‘backpack revolution’. Their bags – stylish and vibrant – open from the back, with a zip only accessible once it’s off your, well, back. Ever been pick pocketed on the Tube? Come home to find your Kindle gone? We know the feeling. It’s such a good idea you wonder why no-one’s thought of it before. Also, ever packed your bag in Morrisons and had to walk home with a courgette in your lower back? NO MORE, PEOPLE, NO MORE. We’ve been trying out these bad boys and we’re loving it so far. Converts, you could call us.

The guys at High Spirit are trying to convert someone else too – you might not have heard of him, he’s nowhere near as big as us – a Mr Richard Branson? No, we had to Google him too. Turns out the Okungbaiye brothers are down to the final four to Pitch To Rich, as the finalists in Virgin Media Pioneers competition, this very week, giving them the chance to get in front of some business big wigs and get the chance to grab some much needed start up cash. Brilliant.

Check out our shoot with High Spirit below and be sure to Like them on Facebook. Best of luck, boys.