Men's Fashion Finds #27: Steptronic | TQS Magazine

We get a lot of e-mails here at TQS. Forgive us for being slightly snobbish, but not all of them are great. One of them once read ‘Here’s my client’s product, let me know when this is live’. Erm, no ta. We love hearing about a new brand, or indeed, a brand we haven’t heard about before, but sometimes folk try our patience. But sometimes, just sometimes, an e-mail pops up that grabs your attention, and genuinely puts a smile on your face. That was the case when we heard from Steptronic. Initially, that snobbish side came out – Steptronic Footwear ain’t the best name (sorry), and we expected a collection that’d be more suited to our Gran. But that’s not what we found.

If we told you these guys were the category leader in comfort footwear, we imagine the stylish part of you recoils in horror. We know what you’re thinking: prescription. Well, so did we, ’til we saw them. The men’s footwear range offered by the good folk at Steptronic Footwear rival any you’d find in the reams available at ASOS or covering the walls at Topman. The difference?  Well, honestly – the comfort. How many times have you bought a pair of brogues or boots to find yourself cursing the fashion gods on the morning commute? Or actually out wincing your female friends on the walk home from a night out? We have, as a generation, come to expect that style and comfort can’t go hand in hand. In reality, your gran has it right: comfort is just as important as style. No-one wants to be shuffling, sighing or sweating in their outfit choices, and we should learn to demand more from the houses we buy from.

With a flexible rubber sole, and sheepskin lining, these will probably be the most comfy shoes you’ll ever wear – and we can testify to that. And as for the aesthetic – well, just take a look below. No bad, right?

Find Steptronic Footwear on their site.