Is it finally tablet time? | TQS Magazine

If you knew me personally, you’d be aware that I’m not particularly au courant with modern technology. I love books made of paper and always carry around a notepad and pen. My smartphone is probably woefully underused. But, more and more, I think it could be quite fun to own a tablet. Films and music on the go? Fab!

But, as it turns out, there’s quite a few of them on the market.  Seems the world is moving a little faster than me (not exactly sure why I’m surprised by this).  Not only that but they come in all shapes and sizes from imperceptibly bigger than a phone to full on pane of glass.  However, I saw one on the TV that I thought looked cool because it’s shiny and can turn into a little computer: the Sony Xperia™ Tablet.

Well, it turns out that the Xperia™ Tablet S is rather more than just shiny.  Apart from a lot of things about up to the minute processors and operating systems that sound like someone talking at me in rapid Japanese, there are some snazzy features that I can get to grips with.  Like the Watch Now app, an interactive TV guide that incorporates your social profiles and latest trends to personalise the info it gives you.  So I know exactly when New Girl is on and what my friends think of it, I presume.  Then there’s the Walkman feature (Sony got a great product back in the 80s and they are definitely not letting it go) where you can see your friends’ favourite songs from a little known place called Facebook and related songs.  Best of all, though, has to be how you can turn it into a universal remote for your TV, set top box, speakers…won’t be leaving the sofa for some time then.

Check out the Xperia™ Tablet S and let us know if you like it as much as me.

Claudia Rowe