Luxury London: Bank Holiday Treats | TQS Magazine

Bank Holiday’s are the perfect excuse to spend more money on less things than usual, so why not this May treat yourself with some of our recommended bank holiday luxuries.

Tea at The Ritz

So it’s essentially £50 for tea and scones, but believe me, they will be good scones and you will be sat in a very nice room.

Plus, you can also pretend that you are in the nineteenth century set, waiting for your betrothed lover whilst smiling secretly about your romp with the stable boy. Or girl. Whatever, it’s your fantasy.

A Spa Day

There is something almost embarrassingly indulgent about a spa day, (I think it’s the gowns) but they are just so so good.

The London Marriot County Hall is especially good due it’s breath taking views of the London Eye, Big Ben and Parliament in the changing room. They also have an incredibly large pool for central London and really reasonably priced treatments.

You can find a great value experience package here.

Horse and Cart Ride Around London

Think Carrie and Big but hopefully your new Louboutin’s won’t get pregnancy waters all over them shortly afterwards.

London isn’t quite like New York where you can just jump in a carriage and away you go, you have to book in advance from specially licensed tour providers.

However, this just makes it that little bit more ridiculous, expensive and worth doing.