Preppy Fashion for on the Water | TQS Magazine

The preppy look has come back with a vengeance this spring, and even if you don’t want to go the whole hog and root your old school blazer out, tailored shirts, light colours, smart trousers and trim hats are all the rage for the warmer weather!

Many people will be looking to get out on the water over the spring and summer months, and looking smart whilst doing it will be a bonus. Traditionally sailors of all kinds wear whites, creams and blues, whether light or navy. The well tailored look of ‘preppy’ clothing sits in well with the traditional straight lines of seafarers’ uniforms and sailing vessels.

Sailing holidays are becoming more popular, and packing clothing that is lightweight and dries quickly if wet is essential. Whites reflect the sun and keep the wearer cool in the bright sunshine, and hats are essential to protect against sunstroke. Tying a sweater around the shoulders completes the look and offers warmth in the long summer evenings.

Footwear should also be lightweight, and it is important to have rubber soles on board any boat, as wet surfaces may be slippery. High heels are not advised as they may damage the deck or cause an accident.

Stripes are traditional in any seafarer’s wardrobe, and hold connotations of the navy, as do v neck collars and plimsolls. Chinos are a favourite for men, as they are breathable, whilst half length pants are suitable for both sexes, as they allow for any unforeseen splashing on the lower legs.