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Alfonso’s Cuaron’s sci-fi epic Gravity was the big winner at the 86th Academy Awards last week, being much touted as one of the best cinematic experiences of recent years. However, with the DVD being released this week many are wondering whether the experience would live up at home on the small screen.

Well, define small. Sony’s new range of stylish TVs will probably give your local cinema a run for its money (if the Holloway Odeon is anything to go by…) which as well as full HD 3D and 4k Ultra HD viewing, come with a wide range of extra in built technology from internet connectivity to Triluminous display.

Just to give you an idea of the quality, the X9 4K TV has a picture of over 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160) – that’s pretty impressive. Sony have put together the below infographic (aptly featuring some space visuals) to show just how far TVs have come over the last few decades, highlighting a few of the amazing feautres of their new range:

–          The X-Tended Dynamic range

–          Stylish wedge design (remember when TVs used to be as deep as they were wide? *shudder*)

–          Long duct speakers to deliver richer punchier sound

–          One flick touchpad remote to flick through channels intuitively

–          A built in HD camera allowing you to socialise during the big match (or Coronation street, if you’re that way inclinded).

So yes, the cinematic experience of Gravity would live up at home, as long as you have the right system such as the 4K-TV. What are you waiting for?

Courtesy of Sony

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