How To Get Fake Tan Out Of Clothes

Knowing how to get fake tan out of clothes is a simple but essential skill everyone practising sunless tanning should have. This is because your towels, bedsheets, and clothes are prone to staining by fake tan every time you apply it. The good news is that getting a fake tan out of clothes is not complicated. We will show you how to do it without breaking a sweat.

Use a baby wipe to remove a new drop of tan on the surface of your clothes. Baby wipes are safe for use on any fabric, including silk. It is recommended that you wipe the clothes inside out then rinse with water. After running water completely through, apply a small quantity of soap on the stained area, then rinse again.

Turning the clothes inside out will allow water to push the stains away other than running it through the clothes. The clothes can then be washed at 40’C but should not be placed on the dryer before the stain is completely removed. 

What If the Fake Tan Refuses to Come Out?

In the case of older stains, the application of some bleaching agents may be necessary. You may want to look into a long list to find the best stain remover for your clothes. Some of the well-known stain removers include OXI clean and Clorox OXI magic. To remove stains with these bleaching agents, dissolve a scoop in the bucket of hot water and soak the clothes overnight. 

Understanding Fake Tan 

Fake tan is a formula that enables you to achieve a suntan effect on your skin. It exists as a spray, lotion, or mousse. The effects of the formula are usually realized a few hours after application. The main ingredients of fake tan are extracted from dihydroxyacetone chemicals, commonly referred to as DHA.   

DHA Does Not Have Adverse Effect on the Skin 

DHA chemical was being used in an x-ray session, and a bit of it spilt on the researcher’s skin. The topmost skin layer turned white, but contrary to their fears, nothing more happened. That incident changed the face of the cosmetic industry. The invention opened the way for tanning procedures, including the fake tanning we see today. 

On its own, DHA is actually odourless. However, it releases some unpleasant smell upon its reaction with a protein layer. The smell is tough to ignore, and it should be noted that it increases with the colour of the tan. The darkest colour will produce the most unpleasant smell. While the lightest will produce a relatively less pleasant smell.  

How Do You Get a Fake Tan Out of a Carpet?

Rub the stains on the carpet as much as possible, either using a towel or an old cloth. Ensure the cloth you are using is of lesser or no impact when stained with the tan. Get a solution of warm water and a good washing detergent. Pour a portion of the solution on the stained area and scrub gently with a brush.    

Pros and Cons of Fake Tanning  

Most people spend a lot of time bathing in the sun to achieve the best skin tone. But is fake tan becoming an option for them? 

Well, it does seem an option, especially for people who have limited access to the sun and those who fear the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. The following are some of the pros and cons of fake tan.  


  • Fake tanning reduces total exposure to direct sunlight UV rays, and as such, it can prevent skin cancer.
  • Fake tanning saves you time because you might need to sunbathe for hours to get similar results.
  • With fake tan, you can stay tanned all through the year; since you don’t have to wait until summer.
  • It is more affordable than travelling abroad to sunbathe, especially if you come from a country that hardly sees the sun. 


  • Some fake tan products can cause cancer since the main ingredient is the DHA chemical.
  • It can be embarrassing because people can tell it’s a fake tan on your skin.    
  • Fake tan is very expensive. Sunbath will cost you time, but a fake tan will leave a hole in your pocket. 

Debate on which is better between natural and artificial tanning still divides opinion. However, one clear thing is that fake tanning is becoming popular by the day.   

What Is the Best Fake Tan for You?

The best fake tan for you depends on what you want to achieve. In most cases, the best fake tan is the darkest tan in the market. Also, the best fake tan should be a foam cream and one that works well with your skin. Finally, it should fade naturally and not patch up or fleece the skin. 


Getting fake tan out of clothes is simple but requires keen attention. The first and most crucial step for those practising sunless tanning should be to avoid exposing your clothes to fake tan. If a fake tan gets into contact with your clothes, follow the provided steps to get it out. 

Do not forget to turn the garment inside out as you wipe it since that might determine whether it eventually comes out or not. Also, do not put the clothes into the dryer before the stain comes out. Otherwise, it could become a stubborn stain.