How Often Can You Dye Your Hair? 

With the trend of changing your hair colour buzzing, many wonder: How often can you dye your hair? There’s a fear among people in the UK and elsewhere that improper hair dyeing could destroy your hair. Indeed, this is true, and it’s why you should monitor how frequently you apply a dye.

You should dye your hair as often as six to eight weeks to keep it fresh. However, this relies on several factors, from your hair length to the dye type, hair products, etc. If you apply bleach on your hair, for instance, dye it every two months. Also, if you’ve never dyed your hair before, a nine-week frequency gap should be suitable.

Keep reading to learn other facts surrounding the question, “How often can you dye your hair?”.

Why Do People Dye Their Hair?

Hair colouring has gone beyond ordinary fashion and trends among young people. It is now a culture, an art people celebrate and a channel to explore one’s creativity and uniqueness. Dyeing the hair allows people of different classes and opinions to express their arts as they enhance their beauty.

The right colouring adds an irresistible shine to your presence, especially when it matches your skin tone or clothes. It helps control brittle hair and keep it in shape, adding more texture. Also, it will revive old, dry and worn out hair, condition it and keep it looking smooth and vibrant.

Some professionals will advise it in helping with grey hair control. You can dye your hair to its natural form to enhance your youthful looks at cheaper costs than its alternatives. Also, dye sometimes fights against weather and climatic effects on your hair, especially when medically recommended.

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair?

No matter your passion for changing your hair colour, you wouldn’t want it damaging your hair. For this reason, many people ask ‘how often can you dye your hair?’ 

One of the ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use the appropriate dye as frequently as recommended. Also, you should consider the type and texture of your hair and the colour switch you want to achieve.

Typically, you should dye your hair as frequently as six to eight weeks apart. In other words, always re-dye your hair after this period to maintain the dye quality and freshness. However, this is if you’re using a permanent dye and will want to see your hair colour change.

When using a temporary dye, you don’t need to gauge the frequency as the dye comes off easily. If other factors affect your hair, like bleach usage or hair damage, you should consider re-dyeing it every nine weeks. 

An eight-week gap will work fine for newbies who have never dyed their hair before. Don’t forget to consider your hair’s porosity before applying any dye.

How to Dye Your Hair Correctly

Now that you’ve answered your question, ‘how often can you dye your hair?’, let’s consider the dyeing process. It’s advisable to visit a professional for accurate measures when dyeing your hair. 

Still, applying dye does not require much expertise, and anyone can do it from the comfort of their home. It’s like applying cream, and all you need are tips to ensure you dye it properly and not waste resources. Have the following in mind when you want to dye your hair:

1. Get Enough Dye

It’s devastating to find out that you’re out of dye halfway into the process. You don’t want to mess up the work with dye drying away on some part of your hair. Try to get an extra pack in case you’ll need it.

2. Test Before Usage

You’ll need to carry out the strand test and the patch test. The first will ensure the dye doesn’t cause any harm to your hair colour. It also notes the colour that syncs well with your hair to bring out its beauty.

The latter will ensure the dye doesn’t cause any damage to your skin. After a product is successful with these tests, you can buy them.

3. Brush and Part Your Hair

You want to ready the hair by brushing it thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t tangle anywhere. Afterwards, divide it into sections on how you’ll want to dye it.

4. Apply Dye

Start from the front when applying the dye as it takes longer for this part to absorb it. Comb your hair backwards to spread the dye to other areas.


Now, you’ve got an excellent answer to your question, ‘how often can you dye your hair?’ It’s time to spice up your looks and put on something new with just a swap of hair colour.