How To Fix Sagging Breasts

There could be several reasons for a slump in the breast area, but can you fix sagging breasts? 

Keeping a busy schedule, waking up late, drinking too little water, and having unhealthy eating habits lead to many problems. And sagging breasts is one of them. Sagging breasts may also occur due to the natural changes in your body. These changes could result from many things such as giving birth, losing or gaining weight, and more. 

Multiple pregnancies within a short span can also cause breast sagging. In older women, lousy posture and menopause can be a significant reason for sagging breasts. 

Sagging breasts is common and natural, but it may shake your confidence. It may also make you feel less attractive and more aged. But age is not the primary determining factor. People of any age can experience sagging breasts. And fixing sagging breasts is essential if you want to boost your confidence again. 

How to Fix Sagging Breasts?

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Sagging breasts may occur due to losing weight through an unhealthy diet plan. It’s best to consult a nutritionist for a diet instead of fasting or starving to lose weight. Our bodies need several vital nutrients, such as antioxidants that promote skin health. Maintaining a balanced diet and consuming fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants could help you fix sagging breasts.

Gaining weight can also influence the occurrence of sagging breasts. If you love to consume junk food and fizzy drinks, you should make exercise and walking a part of your lifestyle. Following a healthy diet is key to maintaining your weight. Eat proteins and opt for healthy carbs and fats. Eating in small portions can help you satisfy your cravings.

Hydrate Yourself

Lack of hydration does not only make your skin look dull but can make your breasts sag. Consuming the right amount of water every day is vital for your skin. Being dehydrated can make your skin lose its elasticity. Hydration does not mean you can consume anything liquid, be it an energy drink or fizzy drink. Plain water must be consumed for skin hydration. A proper water intake can help you in fixing sagging breasts.  

Slow Down the Process of Aging

Another known cause of sagging breasts is ageing. As you grow old, your breast muscles become less firm, and your breasts start to droop with time. The ageing process is natural, but various remedies can slow it down. 

Eating a healthy diet can help slow down the process of ageing. It’s also important to exercise regularly and drink plenty of water daily to ward off the aging process. Preventing and fixing sagging breasts is an important task.


Make exercise a crucial part of your life. Exercising daily or four times a week keeps you active and helps you keep your body toned. Having an exercise routine that includes upper body workouts can help you fix sagging breasts in the long run. 

Wear a Bra That Gives You More Support

Another way to fix sagging breasts is to switch to bras that give more support and shape. Instead of using fancy bras in day-to-day life, try using a sports bra. Sports bras do not entirely change the shape of your breasts. But they can give you a temporary lift that may also prevent sagging breasts. Also, not wearing a sports bra during exercise, workouts, and running, can put pressure on your breasts and can lead to sagging breasts.

Identify Your Correct Bra Size

A leading cause of breasts sag is that the majority of women do not wear the correct bra size. Wearing a bra of the correct size can fix sagging breasts. Alternatively, if your bra is loose or not the correct size it could cause your breasts to sag. We know it’s not easy to source a bra of the correct size. But most good clothing stores have trained staff who can measure your breasts and suggest the best fit. 

Get Breast Lift Surgery

A quick and permanent solution to sagging breasts is getting a breast lift. Excess skin is removed during breast lift surgery, resulting in perkier, firmer breasts. 

Breast lift surgery is an expensive option. But spending a few dollars to make yourself look younger and attractive might be worth it. Usually, breast lift procedures are not very invasive and painful. All you need to do is find the right doctor, book an appointment, and go for a consultation. 

The skin underneath your breasts may also become irritated due to sagging breasts. And this may cause sweating and rash on the skin. Getting sagging breasts fixed via surgery or wearing bras that give support can prevent skin irritation and rashes like this. 

Apart from breast lift surgery, you can also get a breast implant. Not only can this alter the shape of your breasts, it can also make them look firmer. 

Easy Remedies for Sagging Breasts

All the techniques mentioned above are lifestyle changes or quick medical solutions for fixing sagging breasts. Over and above these, there are alternative remedies that you can try to fix or prevent sagging breasts. 

Try Breast Massage

Massaging your breasts in a “down-to-up” motion with coconut or olive oil thrice a week can help. Blood circulation in the mammary glands and breast muscles will be improved this way. It also gives your skin the moisture and sustenance it needs. Massing the breasts does not necessarily fix sagging breasts but can help prevent sagging breasts. 

Improve Your Posture

Improving your posture is another effective way to help fix or prevent sagging breasts. Sitting with a bent back can put more pressure on breast tissue. And this can cause sagging breasts. Ensure that you sit upright with your shoulders back. One should also not sit for extended periods. Take short walking breaks to stretch your back and arms so that they do not hurt. 


If you’re experiencing sagging breasts, don’t be disheartened. You’re not alone. There are numerous approaches one could take to resolve the issue and make you feel more confident again. We’ve outlined some of the best remedies and preventative measures in this blog post, so be sure to check them out. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure you consult with a qualified professional before making any decisions.