How Much Do Love Island Contestants Get Paid?

If you’ve ever asked the question, “How much do love island contestants get paid?”, we have some interesting facts for you. Love Island and fun are tied at the hip. And for many contestants, being paid to cast is like making money watching your favourite movie. As you will see later, it’s not just about the money, but also the kind of opportunities that come with it.  

Love Island Contestants get paid a minimum of £250 per week. However, to take part for a week, you must have been quarantined for 2 weeks before the casting. The Quarantine period is paid at the rate of £250 per week, meaning earnings for a week-long stint are £750. A couple that gets to the final earns £50,000, I.E., £25000 each. 

You might have known that Love Island Contestants are filmed 24/7. Now, £250 for that kind of work will not get even a student excited. However, it isn’t only about the money. The show offers a unique opportunity that could open doors for contestants. Appearances, sponsorship, back magazine deals etc., are some of the opportunities that can be expected. 

Many contestants make more money as influencers and brand ambassadors through the many social media followers they get. The lucky few actually end up with real-life partners to settle down with. 

How Do the Love Island Contestants Spend Their Earnings?  

The weekly £250 love island contestants get paid to cover expenses at home while living at the villas. The £50,000 for the 2 finalists is a windfall that would require some expenditure planning. Some use it to finance their education, while others support charities of their choice. 

What Are the Profiles of Love Island Contestants? 

Most of the love island contestants are people in their early and mid-20s. A large number of them are students at college simply doing something on the side, primarily artistic or creative. And the rest are professionals in different fields. To be clear, Love Island Contestants come from a wide range of backgrounds and no background is preferred over the other. 

How Does Love Island Work?

Love Island is a typical reality dating show. Like any dating show, contestants are expected to find a perfect match. And are encouraged to couple up until the end of the season. Something that is simple in theory but proves tricky in the application, as many contestants come to realise. 

The process is competitive, right from the selection of participants to the actual reality show. Only 10 contestants are picked from a pool of over 1000 applications. Male and female contestants should be of equal number to facilitate pairing. However, sometimes they can have more women than men. 

More contestants join as the series goes on, sometimes up to 40 contestants. But many of them are cameos to create tension and mistrust between existing couples. In other words, no existing couple is expected to have it all easy and comfy. The minor contestants are deliberately introduced to try and break them up. 

Pairing or Coupling Up

Ladies arrive in the villa first, then men follow one by one, beaming with confidence and youthful vitality. If a lady likes a guy, she will step forward, signifying her desire to couple up. Where two girls express a desire to pair up with a man, the man can choose one of them. This method is then duplicated until all the contestants are paired up. 

Contestants usually pair up because of mutual attraction. However, there is always at least one couple that pair up as a matter of convenience. Whether you are a real romantic couple or not doesn’t matter. Provided you are a couple, you are safe. Before you start waxing lyrical about that, be warned viewers can spoil the party if they don’t see positive vibes.

The Grand Prize 

After pairing up, couples should stay in the villa for 8 weeks. Couples occasionally get the opportunity to drop the partner and find another one. The couple that remains at the end of the season will walk away with the grand prize of £50,000. The public vote is usually used to determine the winning couple.

What Is the Idea behind Stealing the Prize Money?

Usually, when a couple wins the grand prize, they are separately encouraged to steal the money. If one of them steals the money, they take everything. But if both of them steal, they go home with nothing. Since the competition started, no couple has stolen or attempted to steal the cash prize. And it is unlikely to happen in 2022 because couples seem to prefer the split.


Love Island is a show filled with drama and intrigue that will keep viewers glued to their screens. Contestants are paid at least £250 per week to participate in the show. And there’s a grand prize of £50,000 up for grabs, which goes to the winning couple. Therefore, Love Island contestants get paid reasonably well on a week-by-week basis. And if they make it through to the end, there’s potential to walk away with a whopping £25,000.