How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Last?

Eyelash tinting is gradually knocking mascara off its perch, and that’s why many people ask how long eyelash tinting lasts. Eyelash tinting comes with much freedom, and many celebrities have embraced it with open arms. And as is often the case, ordinary folks are following suit. In this article, we will show you how long eyelash tinting lasts and other things you need to know. 

Your eyelash tint is expected to be in good shape for a month. However, activities like swimming and direct exposure to the sun can significantly reduce longevity. Clearly, it lasts much longer than mascara, but because the dye is not permanent, it starts to shade off with time. Again, one in five eyelashes falls daily but takes more than four weeks to grow.  

However, the longevity of the colour depends on how you maintain your lashes. Constant exposure to the sun or chloride substances will disintegrate the black colour. A person with sunglasses is likely to enjoy her tinted eyelashes for longer. 

What Is Eyelash Tint and Is It for Everyone?

Eyelash tinting is the application of a semi-permanent dye to the natural lashes to make them bold and vibrant. It makes the dream of having dark, bold, and attractive eyelashes possible without the need to apply mascara every day. 

Eyelash tinting is best suited for people with fine lashes or people with light coloured lashes. However, even people with dark eyelashes can still unlock the potential of eyelashes. A combination of eyebrow tint and lash extension prove effective for such people. 

Eyelash Tinting Procedure 

Once you have decided on your favourite cosmetic specialist, the first thing to do is choose a suitable colour for your eyelashes. It is good to go for the darkest shade available since they last longer than the lighter shades. This explains why black tinting is the most preferred tint. However, women with blonde hair should go for brown tints to facilitate colour matching.  

Once the colour has been identified, your technicians will follow the steps below. 

  • Pour Vaseline oil around your eye to avoid tinted eyelids. 
  • Cover the bottom of the hair with a protective eye patch to prevent spilling off into the eye. 
  • Dye the lower lashes using a fine brush, then move to the upper lashes. Ensure that the eye is completely closed.  

Note that it is not unusual to experience stinging during the tinting process. It may not always be the case, but the plausible cause is peroxide content in the tinting product. A simple but effective remedy for the stinging is to place cool dump cotton on the affected eye. You can also wash the eye with clean water. If the stinging persists and becomes severe, consult your doctor. 

What You Need to Do to Keep Your Eyelash Vibrant for Longer

It is said that the eye is the mirror to the soul and the light of the body. Therefore, a vibrant and beautiful eye makes a strong impression on other people. And can even supercharge your confidence in case you were running low. But the big question is, what should you do to keep your eye tint vibrant and appealing for longer? Well, to keep your eye tinting for a month, you will need to:  

  • Avoid making your eyelashes wet more often.  
  • Avoid eye makeup as much as possible. 
  • Refrain from using any oil skincare on the face. 
  • To avoid irritation, you should take out the contact lenses. 
  • Avoid swimming 
  • Avoid direct sunlight rays on your lashes. 
  • Avoid touching your lashes as much as possible. 

How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Take?

Having a tint on your lashes is a straightforward matter which requires between 20 to 30minutes. It may be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. Still, once you overcome the initial sting, there should be no further concerns. Time depends on the number of eyelashes, i.e. the fewer the lashes, the faster, and vice versa.  

Difference between Eyelash Tinting and Lash Lifting In the eyelash servicing industry, lash tinting and lash lifting are two standard terms that are often confused. They are different activities but go hand in hand and can be done together by a professional. 

As we have already seen, eyelash tinting will only make your eyelashes darker. It will neither increase the size nor make them longer. It won’t alter the thickness too. On the other hand, lash lifting is the use of chemicals to break the bonds between the lashes. This enables the hair to change shape and can be straightened as desired. 

Limitations of Eyelash Tinting 

Like any other procedure on the body, eyelash tinting has limitations that you need to know.  

  • It is effective for people with thin lashes only.
  • Eyelash tinting is associated with allergies on the skin surrounding the treated hair.
  • Finding a licensed beautician for this procedure is an uphill task, making it hard to attain professionalism. 


Working with a licensed specialist is encouraged because she will help you determine your allergy status. It is also essential to do a patch test on your skin before taking the eyelash tint. The patch test needs to be done 24 hours before the actual tinting. This will help you know your body better, including how it reacts with various dyes.