How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

Usually, females in the UK try various methods to lengthen their eyelashes, but most don’t work, so they ask, “how to make your eyelashes longer?” The eyelashes are responsible for preventing light debris from getting into the eyes. When the eyes come close to an object, they also act like sensors indicating danger. Other than this, your eyelashes can also affect how you look, and most females want longer eyelashes. But how to make them longer?

Using eyelash serums and castor oil can contribute to the growth of long eyelashes. A lash lift may be an excellent option to grow your lashes quickly. Your eyelashes will also grow longer if you massage and clean them regularly.

Tips to Make Your Eyelashes Longer

1. Use Castor Oil

The frequent and correct use of castor oil can help you lengthen your eyelashes. Castor oil contains a significant ricinoleic acid, accounting for 90% of the oil. 

Studies suggest that this acid might prevent hair loss. Therefore, it can also protect the thickness and length of your lashes. 

In contrast, a clinical case indicates that castor oil’s high viscosity can lead to extreme hair dryness and massification. As a result, you should use castor oil moderately on lashes to achieve the best results.

2. Massaging & Cleaning Your Eyelashes

Proper massaging will also help you make your eyelashes longer. Massaging your eyelids will promote healthy hair growth by stimulating your hair follicles. 

Do not press too hard while you massage. You will be able to have your desired effect after approximately 60 seconds of gentle massage. 

If you apply natural oil or aloe, you can do it more conveniently. Besides massaging, keeping your eyelashes clean is also crucial for optimal growth. 

Make sure to wipe all make-up and debris out each evening. We live in an environment with an incredible amount of tiny dirt particles. So, cleaning your eyelashes every day is a good idea.

3. Use Lash Lift

If you desire to get longer eyelashes fast, you might want to try a lash lift. You can achieve fuller, thicker eyelashes by undergoing a lash lift, which is a 100% natural procedure. 

This treatment lifts and extends the natural lashes at their roots, enhancing their overall appearance. This method curls the lashes from the bottom up using a chemical solution. 

As opposed to extensions, getting a lash perm enhances the natural appearance of your natural lashes. Your lash specialist will start with a tint in most cases, but your lashes might be short or weak for this process. 

A good lash must be long enough to style. If your eyelashes are too short, you might need to avoid this process. However, the lash lift process generally does not present any problems, and it happens smoothly.

4. Try Eyelashes Serums

Using eyelash serums also contributes to the growth of eyelashes. There is an increasing demand for thick, voluminous eyelashes, so various cosmetic brands now offer eyelash growth serums. 

Several cosmetic brands use bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% in their serums to enhance eyelash growth. In increasing eyelash length, it is an effective and safe active ingredient. 

Despite the serum’s benefits, these serums have a few side effects, such as itchy eyes, swelling etc. The correct use of these eyelash serums can prevent these issues. Also, you can consult with your doctor if you plan to use these products.

5. Eat Healthy Diet

Most people are unaware that diet has a significant impact on eyelash growth. Eyelashes react to the body’s health, similar to the hair on the head. They grow and look their best when they have certain minerals and vitamins. 

A healthy diet is essential to growing healthy eyelashes. Maintaining optimal health requires that you eat healthy carbs and whole grains. There are a variety of hair-growth supplements available that you can try.


Women tend to prefer long eyelashes because it accentuates their appearance. Long lashes accentuate the size and brightness of the eyes, irrespective of the shape and colours of the eyes. 

It certainly looks more appealing to have long eyelashes than sparse eyelashes. From a scientific standpoint, eyelashes serve as a protection against atmospheric dust, and they can also enhance one’s beauty. 

Nevertheless, if you do not know how to grow your eyelashes longer, this article may help you. Here, I have given valuable tips for making your eyelashes long, thick, and beautiful.