The top magazine awards are designed to recognize and celebrate exceptional journalism, writing, photography, and design. These prestigious prizes are awarded each year by the Society of American Magazine Editors (SAME) to magazines whose work is considered outstanding by their peers in the industry.

There are many different types of magazine awards, including categories for reporting and feature writing, as well as for illustration and photography. Some magazine awards also have special subject-specific categories like travel or fashion. And some magazines even compete against other media such as blogs or websites for special categories within journalism awards.

So what makes a winning entry? Generally speaking, it’s a combination of quality content and strong presentation – both in terms of its visual appeal and how well it is written.

Some award-winning magazines may be published by large publishing companies, while others are independently owned. But regardless of their size or the number of staff that work on them, many of these publications have one thing in common: they produce high-quality content that has earned the respect of their peers – and the industry as a whole.

If you’re interested in working for an award-winning magazine, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of landing a job at one. First, look for job postings that list awards amongst the publication’s accolades; this will tell you which titles have been recognized for excellence within their field. Second, take courses and workshops to improve your skills and deepen your knowledge of the industry. Third, network with people in the industry to increase your visibility and expand your professional contacts. And lastly, make sure you’ve got a top-notch resume that highlights all of your relevant achievements and experience – awards are an important part of this!

There are dozens of different magazine awards out there; some focus on specific topics or industries, while others acknowledge publications as a whole for their excellence. So whether you want to work for a fashion or travel magazine, or simply want to write about general interests, there’s likely an award that can help elevate both your resume and career prospects. Ready to get started? Then read on for our list of the top magazines awards !

One of the most well-known and prestigious magazine awards is the National Magazine Awards, or the “Ellies”. These awards are widely considered to be among the top honors in the magazine industry, recognizing both individual writers and publications as a whole for their excellence. In order to qualify for these prestigious awards, you’ll need to work with a publication that has been publishing for at least 2 years – this ensures that all nominated publications have truly built up an impressive body of work So what kinds of awards can you win if you make it through this rigorous nomination process? Prizes include everything from General Excellence Awards (which honor overall accomplishments), Design Innovations Awards (which recognize artistic excellence), and Photography Awards.

Here is a list of the top 100 magazines, according to circulation data from the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM):

  1. AARP The Magazine
  2. AARP Bulletin
  3. Better Homes & Gardens
  4. Woman’s Day
  5. National Geographic
  6. Good Housekeeping
  7. People
  8. Time
  9. Family Circle
  10. Reader’s Digest
  11. Sports Illustrated
  12. Cosmopolitan
  13. Elle
  14. Harper’s Bazaar
  15. InStyle
  16. O, The Oprah Magazine
  17. Real Simple
  18. Redbook
  19. Good Housekeeping (Spanish Edition)
  20. Cosmopolitan (Spanish Edition)
  21. Elle (Spanish Edition)
  22. Harper’s Bazaar (Spanish Edition)
  23. InStyle (Spanish Edition)
  24. O, The Oprah Magazine (Spanish Edition)
  25. Real Simple (Spanish Edition)
  26. Redbook (Spanish Edition)
  27. Entertainment Weekly
  28. Forbes
  29. Money
  30. Us Weekly
  31. Newsweek
  32. New York Magazine
  33. The New Yorker
  34. Vogue
  35. Glamour
  36. Shape
  37. Self
  38. Fitness
  39. Yoga Journal
  40. Cooking Light
  41. Food Network Magazine
  42. Every Day with Rachael Ray
  43. Health
  44. Prevention
  45. Men’s Health
  46. Women’s Health
  47. Runner’s World
  48. Shape (Spanish Edition)
  49. Self (Spanish Edition)
  50. Fitness (Spanish Edition)
  51. Yoga Journal (Spanish Edition)
  52. Cooking Light (Spanish Edition)
  53. Food Network Magazine (Spanish Edition)
  54. Every Day with Rachael Ray (Spanish Edition)
  55. Health (Spanish Edition)
  56. Prevention (Spanish Edition)
  57. Men’s Health (Spanish Edition)
  58. Women’s Health (Spanish Edition)
  59. Runner’s World (Spanish Edition)
  60. Bon Appétit
  61. GQ
  62. Esquire
  63. Architectural Digest
  64. Travel + Leisure
  65. Departures
  66. Condé Nast Traveler
  67. Food & Wine
  68. Sunset
  69. Coastal Living
  70. Southern Living
  71. Real Simple (Catalan Edition)
  72. Cosmopolitan (Catalan Edition)
  73. Elle (Catalan Edition)
  74. Harper’s Bazaar (Catalan Edition)
  75. InStyle (Catalan Edition)
  76. O, The Oprah Magazine (Catalan Edition)
  77. Real Simple (Catalan Edition)
  78. Redbook (Catalan Edition)
  79. Shape (Catalan Edition)
  80. Self (Catalan Edition)
  81. Fitness (Catalan Edition)
  82. Yoga Journal (Catalan Edition)
  83. Cooking Light (Catalan Edition)
  84. Food Network Magazine (Catalan Edition)
  85. Every Day with Rachael Ray (Catalan Edition)
  86. Health (Catalan Edition)
  87. Prevention (Catalan Edition)
  88. Men’s Health (Catalan Edition)
  89. Women’s Health (Catalan Edition)
  90. Runner’s World (Catalan Edition)
  91. Bon Appétit (Catalan Edition)
  92. GQ (Catalan Edition)
  93. Esquire (Catalan Edition)
  94. Architectural Digest (Catalan Edition)
  95. Travel + Leisure (Catalan Edition)
  96. Departures (Catalan Edition) http://casinò http://norgescå http://casinopå