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If, like me, you’re a Havaianas devotee, then British summertime always comes with a tinge of bitterness.  Even when it downpours about for an hour or two, it’s once in a blue moon that the thermometer hits 20⁰C.  Which some sickening optimists might say is a little treat in a sea of grey drizzle, but which for me means one thing: my Havaianas usage is sorely limited.

Well now the kindly souls at Havaianas have found me a solution.  For those of us in colder climes, or who simply prefer more substance in their footwear, they have created the Origine Espadrille range.  A collection of espadrille pumps in Havaianas’ signature poppy colours, these are the perfect relaxed footwear whatever the weather.

In order to promote their new line, the Havaiana team took a trip round Europe, visiting London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Milan.  Along their way they created videos compiled of action shots of a group of people sat in a circle, filming their motion at the same time.  Take a look at the London video:

If you like what you see why not have a look at the Havaianas Facebook app or Havaianas Facebook page for more information.  My ever-so-slightly pessimistic self might say that it looks like a rather idyllic rather than realistic, but what evokes a British better than a game of leapfrog or sashaying the limbo?  I think really Havaianas have encapsulated the simplicity of a day in the sunshine – they’re rare enough, but all we need once the shy retiring sun pops its head out from behind a cloud is a park and some friends.  Now I can have Havaianas footwear and warm feet!

To check out the Origine Espadrille range, visit the Havaianas Store

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