Fashion Finds #8: Sinstar Clothing | TQS Magazine

We’ve only bloody gone and done our first editorial! Ok, ok, so editorial might be pushing it a bit – but we did go round the back of work near some ‘interesting’ looking walls and take a few snaps of our latest fashion find – or, as we like to think of it, love affair – Sinstar clothing.

Sinstar clothing is a men’s fashion find dream – affordable and just a little bit different. Straddling the fine line between hipster and club chic, Sinstar clothing is like a Lady Gaga music video with more X-rated content. Yup, we said more. Expect prints featuring a wealth of upside down neon triangles, some provocative use of guns and a naked lady or two. Usually on paper (or in Topman) this stuff wouldn’t fly with us, but Sinstar somehow manage to take these elements and work them into a Tumblr-esque wet dream.

And if a printed tee or sweater isn’t enough, you can further your Sinstar look with a studded leather jacket or some chino shorts. We personally love the blue acid shorts. Top to bottom cool, that.

The guys at Sinstar were nice enough to send us one of their shirts, which Fashion Ed Martin is coolly modelling. (‘Modelling’). As you can see if features a jellyfish jumping out of an atomic bomb explosion, with a shark. WITH A SHARK. Come on, it doesn’t get more fun than that. The quality is great, as is the fit. Most of the prints also come in a vest version, and whilst the weather might not agree with them, they are certainly a good choice if, like Flo Rida, you spend a lot of time in ‘da club’.

They’ve also got a sale going on at the moment, so if you want to pick something up to try them out, now’s the perfect time. Shop here, and visit their Facebook and Twitter.

(Photos by Will Corder Photography)