WeGotPopUp: The Usual Suspects | TQS Magazine

WeGotPopUp’s tagline is short and sweet: ‘Cool films. Cool places’.

With The Usual Suspects they certainly had the first one covered, so we went down to watch it in the very pleasant surroundings of Manor House Gardens.  After a bit of initial confusion, we realised that Manor House Gardens wasn’t actually in Manor House, but in Lewisham, and made our way there armed with myriad picnic foods.

The film, obviously, was GREAT, and the outdoor screening setup worked a treat. My only concern was that it might not be loud enough, but the sound was great, and the picture was nice and clear as it got dark, so if you’ve ever pondered that yourself, then there’s that question answered.

I went with my pal Lauren, and we noted through our tears of loneliness and resentment (just kidding, we were actually having a right laugh administering squirty cream to strawberries) that it’s a great shout for a date. Cosying up under a blanket to watch an ace film in a lovely outdoor setting with tiny picnic-specific versions of food couldn’t be a more ideal combination of factors.

There were food stalls in the gardens, the pulled pork and fresh popcorn in particular, smelling obscenely delicious. We’d also, until that night, completely missed the fact that Gus from Breaking Bad is the main detective in the film. A pleasing discovery, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It rained a little bit, and in a thrilling display of practicality and foresight, I didn’t actually bring the poncho that WeGotPopUp kindly sent me, so that was my bad. As general note though, wrap up warm, as it does get sorta chilly sat in the park at night. Who knew?

It was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening, and WeGotPopUp are showing a ton of brilliant films in amazing locations over the summer, so whether it’s Moonrise Kingdom on a rooftop, or Jaws at a waterfront bar that tickles your fancy, if you want to impress your new bit of stuff with something a touch more inventive than an Orange Wednesday, give this a go.

Peruse WeGotPopUp’s many and varied offerings here.

Write up by Fiona Gales, follow her on Twitter.