Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

Can you perm bleached hair? That’s a common question in the UK. Women are increasingly discovering the joys of hair perming. But, because hair colouring is also popular, most people want to know if you can do both.

Perming bleached hair is a risky affair. Both bleaching and perming require the use of chemicals that can permanently damage your hair. However, if you insist on perming your bleached hair, perform pre and post-care procedures to protect it. That includes shampooing and conditioning it with the proper products, applying deep conditioning masks and oiling it regularly.

You may have recently heard of hair perming and have no idea what it entails. This article contains some helpful information.

What Is Hair Perming?

Hair perming involves chemically treating your hair to alter its structure. It makes coarse hair softer and gives it amazing waves and curls. Perming is more suitable for people with fine or thin hair because it gives their hair shape. However, anyone can perm their hair.

Before perming your bleached hair, perform a chunk test. Cut a few strands of your hair and drop them into a glass of water. If they sink to the bottom of the glass, it shows your hair is dry and damaged. Perming such hair will only damage it further.

If your hair strands float in water after a chunk test, it’s safe to bleach your hair. Note that using perming products on hair may leave it dehydrated. Therefore, use moisturising and conditioning hair products formulated for your bleached hair type after perming it.

Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

Perming bleached hair is not recommended. Permed hair has already undergone chemical processes, and exposing it to more chemicals or manipulation can damage it. It harms the hair cuticles, causes split ends and makes it frizzy. And, if you’ve dyed your hair a dark colour, perming it may lighten it.

If you decide to perm your bleached hair, wait at least two weeks after bleaching to do it. Stylists recommend you pre-treat bleached hair with a reconstructive hair treatment before perming it for better results.

You should also go to a professional hairstylist because it’s easy to damage bleached hair using a home perming kit. It may cost you between £70 and £300 to perm your hair in a salon. But it will result in a perfect perm. A stylist may also give you a flattering haircut to enhance the outcome of your bleach and perm.

However, if you choose to perm your bleached hair at home, use specially formulated perming products created for bleached hair. These hair products are mild and unlikely to damage your hair structure.


Although it’s possible to perm your bleached hair, it can ruin your hair if done unprofessionally. Therefore, it’s best to visit a hairstylist to bleach your permed hair. If you must do it yourself, invest in specially formulated perming products for bleached hair.