Top 10 Attitude Magazine Covers

Top 10 Attitude Magazine Covers

I’ve read Attitude magazine for years and consider it no surprise it’s the biggest selling gay magazine in the UK. It’s jam-packed with the best news, comment and review on all things queer.

Now I know you probably shouldn’t judge a magazine by its cover but I always love theirs, I’ve even held on to a few (way) back issues I like the cover image so much.

They’re often sexy & stylish but sometimes veer off into political and cultural affairs. To celebrate the magazine I thought I’d give you a run down of my top 10, so here we go!

#10  July 2009 – Singer Beth Ditto

Outrageous singer & diva Beth Ditto, famous for tunes such as Standing in the Way of Control with The Gossip oozes class and diva in her cover shot in July 2009

#9 March 2009 – James Franco

Actor, artist and writer James Franco graced the monochrome cover back in 2009 in this simple and seductive shot. Star of the biopic of gay poet Allen Ginsberg in Howl, Franco also recently presented the Oscars (even appearing in drag at one point!)

#8 May 2009 – Ash Stymest

Model Ash Stymest comes in No.8 with his colourful and playful shot from the May 2009 swimwear special

#7 November 2005 – Madonna

The erstwhile queen ofpop Madonna is the sultry disco dreamer on the cover of the November 2005 edition. The magazine may have proved to have been longer lasting than her comeback (with back issues selling on eBay for £20!) but there’s no denying this a great shot.

#6 August 2010 – McFly

Let me say this in no uncertain terms; I don’t like McFly, in fact I really don’t McFly but wow, just look at them. Whatever happened to those boys singing about some girl with 5 colours in her hair?

#5 June 2010 – Jake Shearstrong>

Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears show us just how camp he is by posing on June 2010’s edition in a pair of leather trousers

#4 March 2010 – David Cameron

Remember my sentiments about McFly? Well times that by a thousand and you’re in the ball park of how much I loathe this man but back in March 2010 Attitude gave him the cover to cleverly open debate of gay issues during the election race. The magazine also featured Tony Blair on the cover back in 2005.

#3 Summer 2010 – Kele

Former Bloc Party frontman and openly gay singer Kele shows us his flair on the Summer issue cover back in 2010. If you haven’t already got his album The Boxer , I insist you buy it right away.

#2 April 2010 – John Partridge

Eastenders’ resident gay Christian just misses out on the top stop with this sizzling shot. The actor of stage and screen enjoyed a stint on BBC talent show Over The Rainbow around the time of this picture and I vividly remember being a bit transfixed when I saw this so much so I even ventured a trip to my local Oceana (a decision not made lightly) to see him at a personal appearance

#1 November 2010 – Stephen Fry

His interview may have caused a media storm, even prompting Fry to temporarily quit his beloved Twitter, but the fact remains this is a brilliant cover. Debonair as you like Stephen Fry conveys his intelligence and passion for technology with his charming half smile.

So have I missed your favourite cover? Disagree with any of my choices? Let me know below!