Five ways to have a productive work from home day | TQS Magazine

Ah, the elusive work from home day. For some reason (mainly people tweeting photos of themselves in bed with a brew and Netflix), WFH days seem to raise an eyebrow among co-workers. Sure, you might need to wait in for the broadband man to come, or there might be a tube strike, but that’s no reason for your productivity to fall off a cliff. Here’s our top five ways to stay focused and to boss your WFH.

1. Get out of bed.

Honestly, you still actually have to get some work done today. Plus, you don’t have to do that awful soul-crushing 45 minute commute, so what are you waiting for? An extra lie in isn’t going to help you today, so get you blood pumping and do some exercise. A quick YouTube yoga session or a short run round the park will do you so much more good. Follow it up with a cold shower and you’re all set.

2. Eat a brain breakfast.

There’s no excuse for skipping breakfast or eating poorly on a WFH day. Stock up the day before on some great brain food and treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally get the chance to have during the week. We’re talking eggs, spinach and avocado toast, or a peaches and honey bircher with some coconut yogurt. Yum. They’ll get you focused and motivated for the day ahead.

3. Put some actual clothes on.

Are you one of those people who just keep slobby, around-the-house clothes on for WFH days? What are you doing!? You wouldn’t rock up to work in an oversized creased tee with a bean stain on it, would you? Put on something smart – a shirt will help you sit up straight and put your mind in work mode. You don’t need to go full on suit, but dressing the part can really alter your mindset.

4. Take better breaks.

The advantage to being at home for the day is that you can get the peace and quiet of an undisturbed day. No-one ‘popping over’ to your desk for a ‘quick chat’ (which actually ends up in you being dragged into a meeting room for 45 minutes) and a relatively free diary. But, it does mean you’re more likely to end up being sat at your computer for longer stretches, so be aware of this and try to fit in some balance. Make a brew, have a walk outside, call your mum. Don’t be tempted to start cleaning the flat or calling the council for that thing you need to chase up, you’ll just fill your head with even more distractions. Focus on breaks which help relax and regroup.

5. Embrace technology.

Whether it’s being able to grab lunch at your favourite local coffee shop and still stay on top of your e-mail, or organising your life through Trello, Dropbox or SmartSheets, there’s no doubt good tech has really helped make WFH days easier and smarter. Being at home can give you perspective you need to make life easier for yourself when you get back to the office so use this time to consider what tools are available to you. Dell’s virtual desktop infographic have explored the possibilities of this too, take a look below.

What’s your trick to make your work from home day the best it can be?