Alternative Valentine Night Suggestions | TQS Magazine

Valentine’s Day. A commercial love affair rather than a romantic one. An excuse for cheesy messages in every shop window costing on average 3 times that of a family holiday to Mallorca.*

So, for your reference, guidance and reading pleasure, TQS Magazine has come up with some alternative exploits for everyone that’s half of a better whole come February 14th. Not only will you both have infinitely more fun, you’ll also thrill, surprise and inspire aforementioned loved one with your innovative mind.

The TQS run-down is as follows:

Take a class together. Dancing is so passé (even if it’s one of my favourite things) but what about an art class or cookery? That way both of you get stuck in waylaying boredom/embarrassment. If either one of you proves unexpectedly talented then you’ve learnt something profound about each other; if you’re shit…well, the comedy starts here!

So you’re both active? Well you’re both a bit odd then aren’t you – who wants to break a sweat on Valentine’s Day?! If that really floats your boat, then why not take your paramour on a unique guided tour of all your favourite haunts. Sort of like a bar crawl but with more holding hands and quiet corners. Turn it into a treasure hunt and you’re definitely getting laid.

If that last idea sounds like one step too far out of the front door for you then dining in with a movie is right up your street. What? You thought this was the unconventional Valentine’s list? Well, there’s a twist. No M&S Dine In for you, oh no. Go back to the source with ingredients from Farmison. Farmison supply meat online to top restaurants and commoners like us across the UK. In fact they’re the only suppliers of many rare breed pork, beef and lamb cuts – so “accidentally” leave the box out and feel smug when your partner gasps at your sourcing skills. No, sourcing doesn’t involve daylight; they deliver straight to your door.

Option 4 is for those of you that would describe yourselves as “zany”. Dig out your safety scissor and dust off your poster paints, we’re planning retro and making homemade cards. But rather than a non-descript A5 entity that sits sedately on the mantelpiece, we’re dreaming BIG. Save cash by painting kitchen roll and create a feature wall on any available space at your beloved’s abode, declaring your spiritual yet animalistic connection. Of course there’s a fine line between devotion and stalker – but hey, you did say you were zany.

So what do you think of our ideas? If you try one out, let us know how it goes (especially option 4, though remember we cannot be held responsible for any ensuing restraining orders) or alternatively tell us about your cr-azy Valentine’s plans. It’s not (all) about capitalism!

Statistics invented.*

Words by Claudia Rowe