100 Movie Characters Drawn on Microsoft Paint | TQS Magazine

Forget Photoshop, we like it retro here at TQS which is why we absolutely love this creation by Ian Nesbit (Twitter: @I_nesbot) and are sat frantically trying to work the last few out. He’s drawn 100 movie characters on Microsoft Paint with an astounding level of detail. Right down to facial hair and accessories and from Darth Vader to Buzz Lightyear , Ian has absolutely nailed some of cinema’s most iconic characters in a handful of pixels. Can you identify all 100?

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Scroll down for the answers.

Answers Left- Right

1st row: John McClaine, Steve Zissou, Freddy Kruger, Han Solo, Chaz Tennenbaum, T800, the Bride, Alex DeLarge, Corp. Hicks, Raphael, Princess Leia, Dr Manhatten, Neo, Ray Stantz, Stanley Ipkiss, Vincent Vega, Jack Sparrow, Iron Man, ET, Ace Ventura.

2nd row: Robocop, Marty McFly, Howard the Duck, Predator, Optimus Prime, the Dude, Superman, Hit Girl, Chewbacca, Dr Evil, Zorro, Flash Gordon, Richie Tennenbaum, Kick Ass, Rambo, C3P0, Indiana Jones, Nice Guy Eddie, Biker Scout, Egon Spendler.

3rd row: Mr T, Leonardo, Stormtrooper, Batman, the Mummy, Luke Skywalker, Alien Xenomorph, Woody, Harry Potter, Darth Vader, the Grinch, Frodo, James Bond, Chuck Noland (Cast Away), Edward Scissorhands, Shrek, Yoda, Catwoman, Tyler Durden, Donatello.

4th row: Leeloo, Bride of Frankenstein, Jules Winfield, Darth Maul, Mr Incredible, Mac (Predator), William Wallace, Scott Pilgrim, Jim Stark (Rebel Without a Cause), Austin Powers, Peter Venkman, Dread Pirate Roberts, James P Sullivan, Verbal Kint, Max Fischer (Rushmore), Henry Jones Snr, the Joker, Universal Soldier, Tin Man, Boba Fett.

5th (bottom) row: Maximus (Gladiator), Winston Zedmore, Loana (One Million Years BC), Blade, Ming the Merciles, T1000, Shaun (of the Dead), Ron Burgundy, Michaelangelo, Admiral Ackbar, Ghost Rider, the Riddler, Snowtrooper, Rorschach, Spider-man, Wolverine, Rocky, Slimer, Ash (Evil Dead), Buzz Lightyear