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24 August 2011 2 Comments

Dr. Who returns to our screens this weekend and frankly, there aren’t any plans I wouldn’t cancel to make sure I caught it. In anticipation we thought we’d flex our foresight (and terrible photoshop ‘skills’) and make 10 predictions for the new series:

1. Rory will die. Twice. Once comically to lull us all into a false sense of security and secondly at the hands of River “spoilers sweetie” Song, (“the greatest man she ever knew” anybody?). Or vice versa might shake things up a bit.

2. There will be a tedious, poorly written scene in which Amy says faux ambiguous heart-wrenching statements about her “hitchhiker of the stars” or whatever and us faithful fans have to entertain the notion that she might be talking about the Doctor just to stave off embarrassment.

3. This one’s a bit far out, but get this – the universe, duh-duh-duuuuuuh … will almost end.

4. Equally far out and a theory of mine since the first two-parter – the Silence are not baddies. Yeah, I know, I don’t know how that would work either. But I just have this feeling …

5. I feel like somewhere in this list I need to make a bold statement about the Doctor’s death. I think it’s a fairly safe bet to say that it’s not final, Doctor Who being such a successful show (sorry kids, it’s not real). Until I think of something more inspiring I’m going with smoke and mirrors at the lake.

6. There’s a lot about the Library on the Doctor Who website and I’ve been thinking for a while that perhaps River Song doesn’t in fact die there. I mean can ANYONE understand their diaries?! And that minx is more slippery than David Cameron.

8. Related point about River Song rather than a prediction: we have potentially seen her regenerate as a child, so what’s to stop her being another character that we’re familiar with come back to meddle in her own past?

9. It’s no longer about the fez or the Stetson. This autumn/winter the Doctor will be mostly wearing jodhpurs and high-tops.

9. Wishful thinking: the Master will return (I do love a bit of John Simm). Oooh, and he could regenerate into Moffat’s darling Benedict Cumberbatch. My mum would call that sacrilege but I call that eye-candy.

10. It will never be aired simultaneously to X-Factor. That’s just common sense.

So what are your predictions?

Feature by Dr. Who (and Benedict Cumberbatch) lover Claudia Rowe

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