Where Is Twilight Filmed?

If you are a fan of the Twilight Saga, you might be interested where is Twilight filmed.

The Twilight Saga, with its captivating story of romance between a young woman and a vampire, not only ignited a global fan phenomenon but also sparked an interest in the real-world locations that framed the iconic moments across its film series.

You might be surprised to know that, while the narrative unfolds in the overcast town of Forks, Washington, much of the filming actually took place in various locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, including spots in Washington and Oregon.

Interestingly, the house that was used as Bella Swan’s residence is in St. Helens, Oregon, and has become a sought-after Airbnb destination for fans.

Exploring these filming locations in person can be an immersive experience, offering you a tangible connection to the fictional love story that captured so many hearts.

While Forks itself inspired the moody backdrop of the saga, filmmakers found nearby locales that perfectly matched author Stephenie Meyer’s vision.

From the dense forests where Edward revealed his sparkling skin to the actual school where Bella and Edward’s love began to bud, these sites exist and await your visit.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan looking to walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters, or simply curious about the scenic beauty that added to the drama of The Twilight Saga, visiting these places is a unique adventure.

The enticing combination of lush greenery, quaint towns, and the mystique of the Pacific Northwest adds a layer of reality to the otherworldly romance, providing context and depth to the on-screen portrayal that you have come to know and cherish.

Where Is Twilight Filmed?

While the Twilight saga is set in Forks, Washington, most of the filming locations you can visit are in Washington State and Oregon.

Washington State

Forks, Washington is often celebrated as the heart of the Twilight universe.

Although principal photography didn’t take place in Forks itself, the town embraces its association with the series.

You can explore Forks and immerse yourself in the world that Stephenie Meyer created, visiting points of interest related to the books.


Filming for Twilight largely took place in Oregon, particularly around Portland.

Significant scenes were shot in the area to capture the moody atmosphere that Forks exudes in the novels.

Various high schools, natural parks, and residential locations in and around Portland served as stand-ins for Forks, providing the backdrop for many iconic moments in the film.

Secondary Filming Sites

While the primary locations for the “Twilight” movies capture the essence of the story’s setting in the Pacific Northwest, several key scenes were filmed at additional sites further afield.

Discover how the vibrant settings of California and the historic charm of Italy helped bring the “Twilight” saga to life.


California provided diverse landscapes and facilities that were essential for certain scenes in the “Twilight” series. For example:

  • Blue Heron Paper Mill: Portrayed as a setting in the fictional town of Forks.
  • Mimi’s School of Dance: Became the pivotal ballet studio scene location in the first film.

To convey the atmosphere required for specific scenes within the saga, California’s varied locales offered the necessary backdrop often not found in the main filming areas.


Italy was chosen for its historic and visually stunning locales to represent Volterra, the town central to “New Moon.”

Here are a few details:

  • Volterra, Tuscany: This ancient city is where the pivotal reunion between Bella and Edward takes place in “New Moon.”
  • The location is notable for its rich history and well-preserved medieval structures.

These destinations complemented the primary locations impeccably, adding a depth of realism and variety to the supernatural world of “Twilight.”

Set Pieces and Stages

Creating the moody atmosphere that ‘Twilight’ fans love involved meticulous set design and location choices.

Discover where these pivotal scenes took form.

Port Angeles Scenes

Your cinematic visit to Port Angeles is actually a trip to the quaint town of Saint Helens, Oregon.

This river port town is where you’ll find stand-ins for the book store and other key locations that were pivotal for the young couple’s developing relationship.

Forks High School Recreation

The Forks High School you see in ‘Twilight’ wasn’t filmed in Forks, Washington.

Instead, the crew recreated Forks High School at Kalama High School and Madison High School, both in Oregon.

They provided the backdrop for many high school scenes, including the iconic parking lot encounter.

Additional Filming Information

In exploring the Twilight filming locations, you’ll find that the shooting schedule and local impact are especially noteworthy.

Seasonal Shooting Schedules

The production of Twilight capitalized on the natural ambiance of the Pacific Northwest, often shooting scenes in accordance with the local climate to capture the series’ moody atmosphere.

This required careful planning around seasonal weather patterns to achieve the desired cinematic effects.

Local Impact and Tourism

The Twilight saga not only brought fame to its cast but also to the towns where filming took place.

Locations such as Forks, Washington, and St. Helens, Oregon, have seen a notable increase in tourism.

Fans often flock to these areas to immerse themselves in the world of Twilight, visiting sites like Bella’s house or the iconic high school.

Local businesses have embraced this, offering themed tours and events to welcome the saga’s enthusiasts.

Behind The Scenes

When you dive into the filming of Twilight, you uncover a blend of intriguing directorial decisions and memorable cast moments that helped bring the story to life.

Director’s Perspective

The Twilight saga was helmed by different directors, with Catherine Hardwicke directing the first movie.

Hardwicke chose real locations over sound stages to give a more authentic feel to the small-town vibe of Forks, Washington.

For instance, the scenes that feature Bella’s home were filmed in an actual house that you can find on AirBnB, which allowed the characters’ interactions to feel grounded in a genuine setting.

Cast Experiences

The cast had a unique experience while filming Twilight because of the various shooting locations, which ranged from high school settings to dense forests.

The actors immersed themselves in the lush landscapes of Oregon and Washington, creating a close-knit atmosphere.

Specific locations such as Kalama High School became a staple for the high school scenes, where the cast members shared camaraderie both on and off the camera.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cullen House: Located in Portland, Oregon, this architectural wonder served as the residence for the Cullen family in the film.
  • The Swan House: Situated in St. Helens, Oregon, this house is famous as Bella’s home.
    • It has iconic scenes, such as Bella and Edward’s first kiss. You can even rent it on Airbnb!
  • Pacific Northwest: While Forks, Washington, paints the narrative backdrop in the books, the actual filming locations are dispersed across the Pacific Northwest, including places in Oregon.
  • Olympic Peninsula: Despite the story’s setting here, no actual filming took place in this area, contrary to some beliefs.