Where Is Sex Education Filmed?

Where is Sex Education filmed? If you’ve watched the series Sex Education, you know it’s full of hilarious scenes and a brilliant cast. It’s taken us all over the counties of Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire. Fans are captivated by the rural setting with its stunning views depicted throughout the series.  

Sex education is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. Since its premiere in January 2019, it’s attracted rave reviews and captured a loyal international audience. Fans are fixated on the dreamy set locations in South Wales, the Wye Valley, and Forest of Dean. The cast shows us great locations throughout its three seasons as we discover where they live, hang out, and school. 

In the first season, we were introduced to Wales. We enjoyed picturesque locations in the Wye Valley, Penarth, Llandogo, and Newport. Seasons two and three took us back to those familiar spots with a few new ones. Have a look at some of them and see which ones you remember.

Seven Locations Where Sex Education Was Filmed

1. Moordale School

Let’s start with Moordale School, the secondary school featured in Sex education’s first three seasons. You must remember this Sex Education set location with its prominent clock tower. Let’s not forget those signs with school values and rules that the principal put there in season 3.

You’ll be interested to know the Moordale School’s scenes are filmed at Caerleon Campus in Wales. The campus once belonged to the University of South Wales. It’s been in disuse since 2016, which is why the Sex education crew turned it into a fictitious school.

Memorable scenes filmed at Moordale school include the school dances and its renaming to Spark side Academy by Principal Haddon. Season 3 of Sex Education ends with investors withdrawing funds for the school. We can’t wait to find out where they will locate the new school in Season 4.

2. The Paget Rooms in Perth

Another iconic location is the school hall and gym. That was where they held the school dances and assemblies. They shot these episodes in a separate location in Penarth called the Paget Rooms. These rooms are part of a Grade II listed building owned by the local council.  

The Paget Rooms house a 20th-century theatre that serves as a town hall where locals host weddings, meetings, and concerts. They serve as Moordale’s main assembly hall in the series. We remember it as where Jean gives a sex talk in season 2.

3. Jean and Otis Milburn’s House

Otis and his mum Jean lived in The Chalet, a red and white Sex Education set location overlooking the Wye River. The over 100-year-old Norwegian-style house is a former bed and breakfast with stunning views of the river and its surrounding banks. 

You’ll be interested to know that only the chalet exterior was used when filming Sex Education. Most of the inside scenes were filmed at a studio.

What do we love about Jean and Otis Milburn’s Chalet? That beautiful porch overlooking the river where Otis was filmed eating breakfast with his mom. Where is it now? The Chalet has become a massive tourist attraction for its picturesque look and the surrounding areas ideal for climbing and kayaking.  

4. Maeve’s Caravan Park

Maeve’s caravan park is filmed at Sterrett’s Caravan Park, located on a private farm in Ross-on-Wye. Located about 10 minutes away from Jean’s house, Maeve, Isaac, Jeff, and Cynthia live in the caravan park.  

We can’t forget Maeve’s Caravan Park for all the drama that goes down there. There’s that time when Isaac deleted Otis voicemail to Maeve, and all that happens with her mum. It’s quite an essential part of the show.

5. Aimee’s Parent’s house

Aimee threw an epic party at her parent’s house early in the series in an incredible mansion called the Bigsweir House. That house is a unique Sex Education set location because of its excellent position overlooking the River Wye. Let’s also not forget when Maeve and Otis gave their classmates some great advice there.

We also love Bigsweir’s House for its stunning sandstone exterior. The Hopkinson Family now privately own it, so fans will surely miss it.

6. Eric’s House

When thinking about where Sex Education is filmed, we must include the Old Farmhouse Mews in Herefordshire. This Farmhouse is Eric’s House in the series. We remember it for the retro wallpaper in Eric’s bedroom, kitchen and living room patterned in pinks and oranges.

We fondly remember the scenes of Eric picking up Otis for school from the Mews. Why do we love Old Farmhouse Mews? For its unique retro interior decor!

7. Brown’s Village Stores

Another interesting Sex Education set location is Ola and Adam’s shop. Brown’s village store is in Llandudno, a coastal town in North Wales. It’s a historic shop that’s been in existence since 1928. The owners, Ruth and Roger Brown, run the store and have been doing so since 1958.

You may remember the village store for that scene when Maeve went to buy something in episode 2. We love it for its authentic historical look and signage.

Unforgettable Panoramic Locations

All these locations make Sex Education the popular show it is today, but there is more that keeps us watching. And that’s the panoramic vistas that act as a backdrop for many scenes. Let’s start with the stunning Wintour’s Leap Cliff, where Cal and Jackson hang out once in a while.

There’s also the Wireworks Bridge in Tintern that we see when Otis and Eric cycle to school every day. We can’t forget seeing Otis walk home on that bridge. Or that time when he and Maeve almost kissed there, after Aimes’s party. Sex Education filmed many memorable scenes on The Wireworks Bridge!

We also loved the beautiful gardens at Margam Country Park and Castle, a Tudor gothic mansion from the 19th century. That’s where exterior shots of Mountainside Military School were shot. These are all scenic locations in Sex Education that we love.

The Scenes in France

You may wonder why we haven’t mentioned the scenes abroad. Well, that’s because they didn’t shoot anything at an international location. 

The coach trip to France was filmed in the picturesque Forest of Dean. That’s where Otis and Maeve have that conversation about the deleted voicemail message. We also have a scene where Eric and Adam have a picnic there.

Forest of Dean is on the road between Mallards Pike and Speech House Hotel. And it makes for a memorable scene for the fantastic wintry takes we see during the bus ride.


Sex Education is a brilliantly humorous series that we can’t stop watching. Fans see different parts of England and Wales through it. And we can only look forward to season four to find out where they will film next.