Where Is Sex Education Filmed?

You may be flipping through Neflix and wonder where is Sex Education filmed?

The charm of the hit Netflix series “Sex Education” has as much to do with its candid portrayal of adolescent life as it does the picturesque settings where the characters’ stories unfold.

If you’ve found yourself captivated by the idyllic landscapes and charming architecture that frame Otis, Maeve, and their peers’ coming-of-age tales, you’re not alone.

The filming locations of “Sex Education” are real places, primarily in the United Kingdom, where fans can tread the same ground as their favorite characters.

Otis and his mom, Jean, are shown living in a striking chalet that might seem like a carefully constructed set, but this house is very much grounded in reality.

It’s situated in Symonds Yat, Herefordshire, a scenic gem that echoes with a history that’s over a century old.

This particular chalet, reflecting a Norwegian architectural style, sits with a commanding view that’s anything but fictional.

While the fictional town of Moordale is an invention for the show, the filming locations are grounded in the lush Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, near the Welsh border.

These areas are known for their natural beauty, offering a mix of pastoral landscapes and quaint villages that have been seamlessly blended into the show’s fabric.

Whether it’s the new school, a rustic bridge, or other character-filled locales, the settings you see in “Sex Education” can be a part of your real-world exploration.

Where Is Sex Education Filmed?

Sex Education boasts a variety of picturesque filming locations that you can spot throughout the series.

The natural beauty of these places adds a captivating backdrop to the show’s narrative.

Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat is home to Otis and Jean’s house, a distinctive Norwegian-style chalet set against stunning views.

This location is actually an authentic place that you can visit in Herefordshire.

Wye Valley

The Wye Valley serves as the backdrop for many key locations in Sex Education.

It borders Wales and is known for its scenic landscapes, which includes the River Wye, providing a serene setting for the series’ fictional setting.

Secondary Filming Locations

In uncovering the scenic backdrops of Sex Education, you’ll be delighted to find a mix of academic charm and splendor.

These secondary locations contributed greatly to the show’s unique aesthetic.

University of South Wales

The University of South Wales provided some of the significant locations for Sex Education.

Its varied architecture gave the series a vibrant and edgy feel, fitting for many of the show’s dynamic scenes.

You might recognize certain hallways and courtyards as the bustling backdrops against which the characters navigated their complex lives.

Caerleon Campus

Caerleon Campus, once a part of the University of Wales, served as another vital filming spot.

This location, with its rich historic atmosphere intertwined with youthful vigour, captured the essence of Moordale Secondary’s world.

The juxtaposition of old-world structures against the storyline’s contemporary themes certainly did not go unnoticed.

Set Design and Construction

In bringing Moordale and its environs to life, the production team of “Sex Education” carefully constructed sets that ranged from detailed high school interiors to the eccentric home of Otis and Jean.

Local Studios

At local studios, you’ll find intricately constructed sets that allow for the controlled environment needed for interior scenes.

These studios offer the ability to craft bespoke spaces, ensuring that each set piece feels authentic and aligns with the show’s aesthetic.

The production design team diligently recreates school hallways, classrooms, and common areas that match Moordale’s unique character.

On-Site Sets

The on-site sets of “Sex Education” are no less impressive. 

Outdoor settings, such as the recognizably colorful Moordale Secondary School, are often filmed in the picturesque Welsh landscapes.

The team sources actual locations that resonate with the show’s vibe, bringing a sense of realism to the fictional world of Moordale.

For scenes needing a more specific build, temporary structures might be erected on location to enhance the storytelling experience.

Filming Challenges

When a show like Sex Education is brought to life, it encounters various obstacles that the crew must overcome.

Your appreciation for the final product might deepen when you understand these challenges.

Weather Considerations

The filming locations for Sex Education, such as the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean, face the unpredictability of British weather.

Imagine having to maintain consistency in a scene when the weather changes abruptly.

Crews often have to wait for the skies to clear or the rain to stop to ensure continuity in lighting and mood within scenes.

Production Logistics

Moving cast, crew, and equipment between multiple locations, like the recognizable University of South Wales’s Caerleon campus and the surrounding rural areas, poses its own set of logistical challenges.

The coordination of such moves requires careful planning to keep the production schedule on track and avoid costly delays.

Impact On Local Communities

When a popular TV series like “Sex Education” films in your area, your community might see tangible benefits.

Let’s explore some of these impacts that could directly affect you and your neighbors.

Economic Benefits

Increased Employment – You might find that locals have new job opportunities, ranging from catering to construction and on-set assistance.

This temporary employment can inject money directly into your community.

Local Business Support – With the crew in town, your local businesses, particularly in hospitality and retail, often enjoy increased sales.

Every coffee, meal, or piece of equipment purchased by the production feeds money back to your community.

Tourism Increase

Spotlight on Attractions – The show’s filming locations, such as the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, become attractions themselves.

You might see an increase in visitors seeking to experience these settings firsthand, leading to a busy period for local tourism operators.

Accommodation and Services – Expect a rise in bookings for hotels, guest houses, and holiday rentals.

Plus, tourism services like guided tours may gain popularity, giving you and your neighbors potential business ventures to consider.

Key Takeaways

  • Location Diversity
    • Your favorite scenes from Sex Education largely unfold in the picturesque Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, right on the Welsh border.
    • You’re looking at a charming corner of Britain peppered with lush-green landscapes and historical structures.
  • Otis and Jean’s House
    • Your fictional home base—Otis’s house—is a Norwegian-style chalet, located in Symonds Yat, Herefordshire.
    • It’s over a hundred years old, and yes, those enviable views are entirely real.
  • Moordale Secondary School
    • The school you see throughout the series isn’t an ordinary educational facility; it’s filmed in multiple locations, including the real-life Westonbirt School near Bristol.
    • So when you’re watching the show, you’re actually getting a tour of a prestigious English school.
  • Iconic Structures
    • Some sites are too captivating not to mention. Like Eric’s Bridge, known in reality as the Duke of Beaufort’s Bridge, it’s not just a passage in the show but a historical piece of architecture you can admire up close.

Remember, the blend of fictional Moordale and actual British countryside lends Sex Education that distinct, semi-anachronistic vibe you can’t get enough of.

While some locations are sets, others are real spots you might plan to visit on your next UK trip.