Where Is Bad Sisters Filmed?

If you love comedies, you may have come across the thought of where is Bad Sisters filmed.

You might have been dazzled by the scenic backdrops while watching the dark comedy thriller “Bad Sisters.”

The captivating landscapes and charming localities are thanks to the series being filmed in Ireland.

The show takes advantage of Ireland’s natural beauty and architecture, using locales from the bustling cityscapes to the serene coastal areas to tell its intriguing story.

Many scenes are set and shot in and around areas of County Dublin, where you can find a blend of urban life and picturesque spots.

The seaside and swimming area known as Forty Foot in Sandycove frequently appears, showcasing the more serene side of Dublin’s environments.

Further north, the coastal towns of Malahide and Skerries add to the show’s allure with their unique character and ambiance, providing a sense of Irish coastal living.

But “Bad Sisters” doesn’t limit its setting to just Ireland.

While the majority is filmed there, parts of the series also bring in the diverse atmosphere of London, England.

This inclusion of both Irish and English locations enriches the visual storytelling, presenting you with a rich, textured world that complements the show’s complex narrative.

Whether it’s the iconic coastlines or the immersive urban settings, the locations are a silent yet powerful character in this gripping tale.

Where Is Bad Sisters Filmed?

The filming of “Bad Sisters” brings to screen the scenic beauty of common and less-explored Irish locales, primarily set in the backdrop of Dublin and Wicklow.

These locations play a pivotal role in encapsulating the essence and atmosphere of the series.


Your journey through the filming locations starts in Dublin, where iconic spots like Malahide and Skerries showcase the charm of Dublin’s northern seaside towns.

You’ll witness the authentic Irish ambiance in scenes filmed at The Forty Foot, a renowned sea-swimming spot, which is actually located in a suburb of Dublin called Sandycove.


Moving south, you’ll find that Wicklow, with its picturesque landscapes, also serves as a canvas for “Bad Sisters.”

Wicklow’s lush greenery, mountains, and the Irish Sea’s coastline provide a stunning natural setting for the series, reflecting Ireland’s quintessential beauty.

Notable Filming Sites

When exploring the captivating locations where “Bad Sisters” was filmed, you’ll find that the production beautifully showcases some of Ireland’s coastal gems.

Portmarnock Beach

Your visit to Portmarnock Beach will reveal why this location was chosen.

With its long sandy stretches and picturesque surroundings, visual storytelling is enhanced, adding to the show’s aesthetic allure.


In Dalkey, you’ll encounter quaint charm and an air of tranquility, which serves as an intriguing contrast to the show’s darkly comedic narrative.

This location provides a rich, textured backdrop that beautifully frames the series’ action.

Filming Details

Your curiosity about the backdrop of “Bad Sisters” is about to be satisfied, as we delve into the specific filming timeline and the hurdles the production faced.

Filming Duration

The filming of “Bad Sisters” kicked off in the summer of 2021 and concluded in September of the same year.

Precision was key in capturing the right scenes within this timeframe.

Production Challenges

During production, the crew dealt with a variety of challenges, primarily related to shooting on location in the unpredictable Irish weather.

Securing crowd-favorite locales like Forty Foot required thorough planning to avoid disrupting public access and to capture the beauty of the area despite the elements.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: You’ll discover that ‘Bad Sisters’ is primarily filmed in Ireland, showcasing the island’s beauty, from its vibrant green landscapes to the rugged coastal areas.
    • Notable filming sites include parts of County Dublin such as Malahide and Skerries, and the Forty Foot promontory in Sandycove.
  • Dublin’s Charm: The capital has more to offer beyond the familiar tourist spots. With the filming of ‘Bad Sisters’ in Dublin, you get to experience unique city parts that many tourists don’t typically see.
  • South Dublin Bay: The southern tip especially features prominently, with the Forty Foot being a key location.
    • This spot is an iconic sea-swimming location that also offers dramatic and picturesque views for the gripping scenes.
  • Leinster: In the southeastern province of Leinster, the production took advantage of the region’s scenic beauty, which adds a certain charm and aesthetic to the series.
  • Northern Filming: Apart from Dublin, some scenes were also set in Northern Ireland, providing a contrast and a broader depiction of the Irish setting.
  • Attention to Detail: The production strove for authenticity and a true Irish feel, which is seen through the choice of smaller towns and the coastal backdrop as significant filming sites.