Where Is The Crown Filmed?

If you are a fan, you might be wondering where is The Crown filmed.

The Crown, Netflix’s acclaimed historical drama, offers a captivating peek into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

As you watch the royal narratives unfold, you’re transported to opulent palaces and stunning landscapes.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of royalty as you explore the very spots where The Crown brought history to life.

Over the course of its production, the show has visited an impressive 719 locations, letting each season average over 110 unique backdrops.

Season 3 outdid the rest with a record 130 locations.

Whether it’s the grandeur of recreated Buckingham Palace interiors or the sweeping Scottish moors that stand in for Balmoral, these locales are crucial in knitting the show’s authentic tapestry.

Your curiosity might beckon you to tread the halls and corridors that witnessed the Crown’s stories.

Many of the locations, from the regal Lancaster House in London to the tranquil Ardverikie Estate in Aberdeenshire, are open for you to visit. It’s a chance to connect with the show on a tangible level, feeling the weight of history and the touch of Hollywood glamor alike.

Where Is The Crown Filmed?

The hit series The Crown takes you behind the grand facades of some of the UK’s most prestigious sites, doubling for royal residences.

Lancaster House

Lancaster House in London is a stand-in for Buckingham Palace’s interior, allowing you to glimpse what royal life may look like inside the Queen’s residence.

The ornate state rooms of this mansion have been a convincing double for various scenes in the series.

Ely Cathedral

Cambridgeshire’s Ely Cathedral has masqueraded as Westminster Abbey during key events in The Crown.

Its magnificent architecture has provided the backdrop for significant royal events within the show, including the Queen’s Coronation.

Greenwich Royal Naval College

Wander through the courtyards of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, and you’ll be walking on the same grounds used to represent the exterior of Buckingham Palace.

This historic location’s baroque architecture gives The Crown that authentic regal air.

Scotland Filming Scenes

Scotland’s stunning landscapes and historical buildings have provided a dramatic backdrop for many scenes in “The Crown.”

You’ll find that the regions and estates chosen are steeped in character and history, perfect for the series’ regal storytelling.

Strathallan Castle

Situated in the heart of Perthshire, Strathallan Castle offers an authentic glimpse into the aristocratic elegance fitting for “The Crown.”

Its grand architecture might transport you back to an era of royal grandeur, making it an ideal setting for the show’s depiction of historical events.

Slains Castle

The ruins of Slains Castle in Aberdeenshire present a hauntingly beautiful site that captures the essence of Scotland’s rugged coast.

Its gothic appearance may give you a sense of the turbulent history that makes it perfect for some of the show’s more intense moments.

Ardverikie Estate

Ardverikie Estate, known for its picturesque landscapes and the iconic 19th-century baronial house, has featured in The Crown’s Balmoral scenes.

Its natural beauty and historic grandeur make it a prime location for portraying the royal family’s Scottish retreat.

Filming in Spain

Exploring the Spanish landscapes can transport you into the regal world of The Crown.

The production utilized Spain’s diverse settings, standing in for various international locations.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

The rocky islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, found off the coast of Biscay in Spain’s Basque Country, is no stranger to the screen.

While you might recognize it from Game of Thrones, it also served as a scenic backdrop in The Crown.

The winding steps and craggy views provided a majestic and historical feel, befitting the show’s royal narrative.

Plaza de España

Seville’s Plaza de España has been transformed into various settings for numerous productions, including The Crown.

Its Renaissance/neo-Moorish architecture and expansive semicircular plaza flanked with elegant buildings, tiled alcoves, and a beautiful canal, offered an ideal stand-in for exotic and historical locales.

When you see the show, the grandeur of Plaza de España will certainly stand out as an impressive filming site.

Country Estates and Parks

When you immerse yourself into the world of “The Crown,” you’re witnessing the splendor of some of Britain’s most magnificent country estates and parks.

These locations stand in for royal residences and capture the essence of aristocratic life.

Wrotham Park

Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire has frequently doubled for interior shots of Buckingham Palace.

You might recognize its majestic Palladian mansion, set amidst expansive parkland, providing an authentic backdrop for the regal drama.

Wilton House

Wilton House in Wiltshire has been a key location representing various royal households.

Its opulent interiors and the famous Double Cube Room have been used to depict rooms within Buckingham Palace, offering viewers a glimpse into the lavish settings associated with the British monarchy.

Studios and Stage Sets

In the creation of “The Crown,” dedicated studio spaces played pivotal roles in bringing the show’s grandeur to life.

These studios provided controlled environments for intricate set designs that depict royal residences and offices with striking detail.

Elstree Studios

Elstree Studios, located just north of London, has been a crucial location for The Crown.

With its versatile stages, the studio has accommodations for large set constructions.

Here, you would find detailed recreations of interiors from Buckingham Palace, allowing the crew to shoot with precision and consistency that outdoor locations might not permit.

Pinewood Studios

Not far from Elstree, Pinewood Studios stands as another key player for the series.

Renowned for hosting productions of major film and television projects, its extensive facilities have allowed The Crown to diversify its set pieces.

This includes high-profile sets that demand both scale and intricacy, giving the show the majestic atmosphere it requires.

Additional Locations

Exploring further, you’ll find that The Crown extends its royal touch to a variety of stately settings beyond the well-known palaces.

Hatfield House

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire is a prime location used for interior shots, especially for scenes depicting Elizabeth II’s private apartments.

Its rich history and stunning architecture provide an authentic backdrop that captures the essence of royal living.

Southwark Cathedral

For ecclesiastical scenes, Southwark Cathedral in London serves as a remarkable stand-in.

You might recognize its Gothic architecture and historic ambiance as the setting for some of the show’s most solemn and majestic moments.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: The Crown has brought historical drama to life by filming in seven countries.
    • These locations include England, Wales, Scotland, France, Spain, Hungary, and South Africa.
    • The series uses these locations to offer an authentic backdrop to its storytelling.
  • Accessibility: Many of the filming sites used to represent royal residences and other landmarks are available for you to visit.
    • Places like the mansion near Buckingham Palace give a glimpse into the on-screen royal quarters.
  • Variety of Settings: As the series explores different time periods, the locations diversify.
    • England and Scotland serve as consistent settings, with many key spots easily identifiable and steeped in history.
  • Engagement with History: Season 6 captures important events from the mid-1990s into the 2000s.
    • This allows you to see the settings that frame pivotal moments such as Tony Blair’s premiership and Princess Diana’s legacy.

Here’s a table for a quick snapshot of selected key locations from The Crown:

CountryNotable SitesRepresentative of
EnglandMansion near BuckinghamInterior of the Queen’s residence
ScotlandVariousRoyal retreats and public events
FranceCertain state visits and occasions
SpainStands in for various global locales
HungaryPeriod-accurate settings
South AfricaExotic stand-in for travel scenes

The Crown seamlessly blends these locations to recreate moments from the recent British past.

This offers a rich visual experience that complements its narrative depth.