Where is Poldark Filmed?

Step into the rugged beauty of Cornwall’s landscapes by knowing where is Poldark filmed.

Here, the waves crash against precipitous cliffs and golden beaches stretch out beneath a sky that’s touched by drama as much as the weather.

This is where “Poldark,” the evocative historical drama that has captured the hearts of viewers across the globe, comes to life.

The quintessentially English scenery harbors the undulating hills, hidden coves, and historic villages that the series uses to depict 18th century Cornwall.

Charlestown, with its well-preserved Georgian port, often doubles for the Poldark’s Cornwall coast, transporting you back in time the moment you lay eyes on the tall ships and antique harbors.

Meanwhile, Bodmin Moor offers its untamed landscapes to set the tone for the show’s heartfelt and sometimes brooding moments.

As you traverse the counties of England through the screen, you’re not just following the turbulent life of Captain Ross Poldark.

You’re also witnessing the splendor of real locations that have been meticulously selected to frame every twist and turn of the storyline.

The scenic beauty of Cornwall makes for a stunning backdrop in Poldark.

Each place brings its own unique flavor to the series, transporting you straight into the 18th-century setting of Captain Ross Poldark’s adventures.

Where Is Poldark Filmed?

Levant Mine and Beam Engine

Location: Trewellard, Pendeen, Cornwall
Featured as: Tressiders Rolling Mill
The Levant Mine and Beam Engine offer a glimpse into the historical world of Cornish mining, a central theme in Poldark.

The working steam engine is a powerful reminder of Cornwall’s rich industrial heritage.


Location: Near St. Austell, Cornwall
Featured as: Fictitious Port of Truro
Charlestown’s unspoiled harbor has tall ships that set the perfect scene for the Truro Harbor.

The authenticity of this location helps bring Poldark’s maritime scenes to life.


Location: St. Aubyn Estates, Penzance area, Cornwall
Featured as: Nampara Cove
Porthgwarra is a quaint cove that serves as the backdrop for many of Poldark’s coastal scenes.

With its crystal-clear waters and surrounding wildflowers, it’s a peaceful retreat into nature.

Botallack Mines

Location: Near St. Just, Cornwall
Featured as: Grambler and Wheal Leisure mines
The Botallack Mines portray the perilous world of Cornish tin mining.

The iconic engine houses clinging to the cliffs are a testament to the history and the struggles depicted in Poldark.


Location: West Cornwall
Featured as: Nampara Cove, among other locations
With its fine white sand and turquoise sea, Porthcurno is often used for beach scenes in the series.

Its natural beauty is unmistakable and offers some of the most picturesque visuals in Poldark.

Historical Estates And Homes

When you explore the world of “Poldark,” you enter into stunning historical estates and homes that play a critical role in bringing the 18th-century saga to life.

Discover the grandeur and the authentic settings that have graced your screen.

Chavenage House

Chavenage House in Gloucestershire stars as Trenwith, the ancestral home of the Poldark family.

You can marvel at its Elizabethan architecture and interiors, often used to depict the family’s scenes.

This estate, with its stone façade and historical ambiance, breathes life into the Poldark’s family drama.


An embodiment of the Elizabethan era, Trerice is a manor located in Cornwall used for smaller, yet pivotal scenes in “Poldark.”

Its ornate embellishments and preserved authenticity capture the period’s essence, transporting you back in time with every appearance on screen.

Other Iconic Locations

While Poldark showcases Cornwall’s beauty, some locations stand out for their unique charm.

These spots give you a deeper dive into the aesthetics that define the series.

St. Ives

St. Ives is a picturesque seaside town that you might recognize from several bustling port scenes.

Its cobbled streets and vibrant fishing harbor capture a distinct Cornish ambiance that Poldark vividly brings to life.


Gunwalloe on the Lizard Peninsula is home to the stunning Church Cove Beach, where moonlit shipwreck scenes were filmed.

The ancient church of St Winwaloe, nestled against the backdrop of the beach, offers a striking visual for dramatic moments.

Bristol’s Contribution

While Cornwall’s dramatic coastlines steal the limelight in Poldark, Bristol has played an integral role behind the scenes.

This city’s contributions are crucial in bringing the series to life, particularly through its film studios.

The Bottle Yard Studios

The Heart of Poldark’s Indoor Filming: The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol has been the central hub for Poldark’s indoor production since the series began in 2014.

Here, skilled set designers and builders have meticulously created detailed indoor sets that depict the period setting of the show.

Access to Facilities: These studios aren’t just about sets; they also provide necessary facilities for post-production work. This includes editing and sound design.

By combining authentic set pieces with post-production technology, The Bottle Yard Studios ensures that Poldark resonates with the audience on a visual and auditory level.

Across the UK

Filming of Poldark took advantage of various picturesque locations throughout the United Kingdom.

From the rugged terrains of Dartmoor to the scenic coastlines of Holywell Bay, these spots brought to life the dramatic and romantic ambiance of the series.


Striding across the wild and misty Dartmoor, you’ll feel the intense atmosphere that helped set the scene for Poldark’s more brooding moments.

This vast moorland in Devon is revered for its stark beauty and was a perfect backdrop for capturing the show’s period drama essence.

Holywell Bay

Your quest for Poldark’s coastal scenes would take you to Holywell Bay in Cornwall, where the towering dunes and wide beaches provided a dramatic setting for the series.

At this stunning spot, the visuals of the crystal clear waves and sandy shores surely contributed to the show’s iconic romantic allure.

Key Takeaways

  • Nampara Cove: You’ll find the picturesque setting of Nampara Cove in the St. Aubyn Estates of Cornwall.
    • It is known for its stunning wildflowers and avian inhabitants.
  • Bodmin Moor: On Bodmin Moor, explore the stone farmhouse used for the Poldark family home.
    • Then, stroll through the landscape that hosted scenes from Ross and Demelza’s life.
    • Look out for the façade of Dwight’s cottage, historical miners’ cottages, and the Bodmin Jail.
  • Charlestown Harbour: The Grade II listed Georgian port of Charlestown is identified with its granite quays and historical feel.
    • It acts as a prime location for many of Poldark’s maritime and dockland scenes.

Here are your quick-glance highlights to keep in mind:

  • St. Aubyn Estates: For dramatic coastal scenery.
  • Bodmin Moor: Experience the rustic charm of the Poldarks’ cottage and other quaint structures.
  • Charlestown: For a touch of Georgian elegance by the sea.

Visiting these locations lets you step directly into the world of Poldark.

You can experience the backdrop that brought the series to life.