Where Is The Coroner Filmed?

If you ever wonder where is The Coroner filmed, keep on reading.

The charming British series ‘The Coroner’ has captivated audiences not only with its intriguing storylines and engaging characters but also with the beautiful scenery that sets the stage for the drama.

If you’ve ever found yourself watching the show and wondering where those picturesque coastal scenes are brought to life, you’re in for a treat.

The show is famously filmed in South Devon, England, utilizing a variety of stunning towns as a backdrop, making the setting almost as much a character as the cast itself.

From the winding streets of Dartmouth to the serene beaches of Hope Cove and the historic facades of Totnes and Brixham, each location in South Devon offers a unique charm that collectively defines the show’s visual appeal.

The tapestry of locations not only provides a feast for the eyes but also immerses you in the essence of a quintessential English coastal community.

For those enticed by the notion of following in the footsteps of their favorite characters, these locations are real and accessible.

Imagine strolling through the same landscapes where the fictional coroner Jane Kennedy unravels her latest case.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or simply a lover of idyllic seaside towns, a visit to these filming sites could be a delightful addition to your travel list.

Where is The Coroner Filmed?

The drama series “The Coroner” showcases a variety of charming locations that you might recognize. Here’s where the magic happens.

Primary Setting

The Coroner is primarily set in a picturesque fictional town called Lighthaven, which is visually brought to life using South Devon’s coastal beauty.

While Lighthaven itself may not be a place you can visit, the inspiration indeed comes from a very real place, Salcombe, known for its stunning estuary views and vibrant sailing community.

On-Location Filming

Moving from the fictional to the tangible, South Devon serves as the filming canvas for The Coroner.

Real towns like Hope Cove, Dartmouth, Torquay, Broadsands Beach, and Paignton all contribute to the setting, reeling you into the story with their authentic coastal charm.

Each location adds a distinctive flair to the show, from quaint coves to bustling streets that echo the essence of seaside life.

On the flip side, if you’re following the series “Coroner”—without ‘The’—this Canadian incarnation takes you through the urban landscapes of Toronto, Ontario.

Its dynamic use of various locales around Downtown Toronto makes it a familiar sight for those acquainted with the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

Production Insights

In exploring the production of “The Coroner,” you’ll discover the work behind the scenes and the processes of scouting the ideal locations to reflect the show’s setting and tone.

Behind the Scenes

In “The Coroner,” the production office made its home at Dartington, and Totnes’s Mansion was transformed to the Coroner’s Court with just the addition of a brass plate.

The attention to detail in the design and conversion of these locations helped set the perfect scene for the series, ensuring that the interiors matched the aesthetic and narrative demands.

Location Scouting

The search for the quintessential locations led the team to places like Dartmouth, Hope Cove, and Brixham in South Devon.

Iconic spots such as The Old Customs House in Dartmouth and The Oldway Mansion in Paignton were pivotal, serving as the coroner’s office and Lighthaven’s town hall, respectively.

These choices show a deliberate effort to use realistic and inviting locations, contributing significantly to the authentic feel of the show.

Broadcast and Reception

In tracking the journey of “The Coroner” from its debut to the audience’s reaction, you’ll discover its broadcasting timeline and the reception it has garnered.

Air Dates and Networks

“The Coroner” first aired on BBC One, with its initial episode premiering on November 16, 2015.

The show ran for two seasons, concluding with its final episode on December 2, 2016.

Audience Reception

Your interest in how “The Coroner” was received is matched by the show’s compelling drama and intriguing filming locations.

Critics and audiences have expressed appreciation for the series’ blend of crime and character-driven storytelling.

Viewer ratings remained consistent throughout its run, reflecting a strong and steady fanbase.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: The Coroner mainly takes place in South Devon, England.
  • You can find the picturesque backdrops in towns such as Hope Cove, Dartmouth, Torquay, Broadsands Beach, and Paignton.
  • Real vs Fictional Settings: While the show is set in the fictional town of Lighthaven, it draws inspiration from the real town of Salcombe, located on the banks of the Kingsbridge Estuary.
  • Totnes: When watching scenes set in the coroner’s court, you are actually seeing The Mansion, located at 36 Fore Street in Totnes.
  • This town center building was made to fit the part with minor adjustments like the addition of a brass plate.

Here’s a snapshot of the filming spots:

Notable LocationsAssociation with The Coroner
Hope CoveUsed for various beach scenes
DartmouthServes as a frequent backdrop
TorquayFeatures in town and coastal sequences
Broadsands BeachAppears in specific beach segments
PaigntonDoubles for urban areas in Lighthaven

Remember, while watching The Coroner, you’re not just enjoying a drama series, you’re also glimpsing some of the UK’s most charming coastal towns.