Where Is Stay Close Filmed?

A secret behind the fame of Stay Close is the intensely natural settings, making fans wonder: Where Is Stay Close filmed? The thrilling drama doesn’t just capture people with its plot but also its familiar filming locations where the story unfolds. So where is Stay Close filmed, and are these locations in the UK?

Stay Close is filmed in several locations around Manchester, Liverpool, and Blackpool to make up the fictional English town of Ridgewood. Though the original book was set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the crew considered the locations in the UK perfect. The series picks spots like Vipers Club, Impossible Club, the Beachfront, the Silver Jubilee Bridge, and others from the three cities. 

The series brought its locations down-to-earth, making them as authentic as possible so that anyone could see these places in reality. Keep reading to get more answers to the question, ‘where is Stay Close filmed?’ 

What is Stay Close?

Stay Close is another thrilling story from Harlan Coben that received the chance to be made into a series. With eight episodes, the series revolves around the life of Megan Pierce, played by Cush Jumbo. Just as Megan is about to have her happily ever after, the past haunts her and those around her.

Megan had lived a wild life as Cassie, a dancer in a strip club. However, on discovering the body of her ex-boyfriend one night, she takes to the heels for a fresh start. Her fresh start dreams come crumbling when her old friend – Lorraine – finally finds her.

As the series unfolds, it reveals deadly secrets about a series of murders that puts everyone’s life in danger. Everyone is in suspense when a killer stalks the woods, and we’re left to wonder who the killer is. Meanwhile, a stressed detective pursues the trail of missing persons in the town, trying to find the culprit.

Locations Where Stay Close Is Filmed


If you’re wondering, ‘where is Stay Close filmed?’, you should begin with Manchester city. Here, the crew shot the interiors of the Vipers Club and all the scenes within the club. The actual club which the team used is called ‘Impossible Club’ and is present on Peter Street, Manchester. 


The crew shot the exterior of the Vipers Club in Liverpool with the surroundings of an old nightclub. Other exterior scenes were meant to be around the bar, done here as well.


Blackpool made up a good part of the show’s exteriors because of its intense resemblance to Atlantic City. You can recognise the Ferris Wheel at the beachfront and the Silver Jubilee Bridge from the series.

Other Surrounding Locations

The show’s various characters reside in Didsbury, Morecambe Bay, and Ashton-under-Lyne, among other places. The series also used an ancient rectory in Ormskirk as a care facility.

Barbie and Ken live in Knowsley Safari Park, located near Liverpool. Their cottage is part of a sprawling estate established by Canadians after WWII.

Another series highlight is a sculpture of a large face surrounded by greenery. The sculpture is a real Jaume Plensa piece of art, and it can be seen in St Helens, a town halfway between Liverpool and Manchester.


Stay Close remains an intriguing series, and there’s no doubt that it impacted the power of our past. If you wish to know the locations or ask, ‘where is Stay Close filmed?’, you have all your answers.