Where Is Brassic Filmed?

If you are a fan of British television series, you may have wondered where is Brassic filmed.

Brassic, the BAFTA-nominated comedy series, captures the eccentricities of life in the fictional northern town of Hawley, a locale inspired by real-life northern English towns. 

While the characters’ adventures are rooted in the realm of fiction, the filming locations bring a touch of reality that might feel both familiar and intriguing. 

If you’re a fan of the show or simply curious about where Brassic paints its vivid backdrop, your curiosity aligns with many who’ve been charmed by the series’ setting.

Filming mainly takes place in and around Manchester and across different parts of Lancashire, regions known for their rich industrial history and characterful landscapes. 

You might recognize scenes shot at iconic pubs, terraced streets, and scenic woodlands that all contribute to the authentic Northern atmosphere of the show. 

From the hustling streets of Bacup to the bustling Manchester city centre, and even out to the serenity of Cheshire woodlands, Brassic intertwines various locations to create its unique tapestry.

Where Is Brassic Filmed?

You might find it interesting that the Sky comedy Brassic is primarily filmed in the county of Lancashire, England.

This region is known for its charming towns and picturesque countryside, providing the perfect backdrop for the show’s fictional setting.


The show’s fictional town of Hawley is heavily inspired by the real-life experiences of co-creator and star Joseph Gilgun, who grew up in Chorley, Lancashire. 

The production utilizes the Lancashire town of Bacup to bring Hawley to life, embracing the local architecture and landscape to reflect the show’s northern setting. 

The town is selected for its authenticity and the way it captures the essence of a tight-knit community – a theme central to Brassic.

The Ribble Valley

In addition to the town settings, Brassic also features the scenic Ribble Valley.

It’s an area well-known for its lush greenery and traditional British countryside. 

Certain outdoor scenes are shot here, showcasing the valley’s natural beauty and providing a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of urban life depicted in the show.

Specific Filming Sites

You’ll find that the heart of Brassic‘s filming sites beats in the picturesque towns of Lancashire.

These locations bring the show’s fictional world to life with their authentic Northern charm.


Bacup, transformed into the fictional town of Hawley, serves as one of the primary filming sites.

You can spot town centre landmarks dotting the series, making Bacup more than just a backdrop—it’s a character in its own right.

  • Town Centre: Recognize Bacup by its distinctive architecture and local shops, serving as the canvas for Hawley’s hustle and bustle.


Moving over to Whitworth, you’ll notice this location provides a diverse backdrop for the Sky comedy.

This town contributes its unique landscapes to various scenes within the show.

  • Scenic Views: The open spaces and rural aspects of Whitworth contrast with the urban elements of Bacup, offering a different flavour to the world of Brassic.

Production Insights

When you dive into the production of Brassic, you’ll find a wealth of creativity and resilience.

The filming locations in Manchester and Lancashire aren’t just backdrops; they’re integral to the authentic feel of the series.


Manchester and Lancashire have been home to the filming of Brassic throughout its seasons.

The quaint Lancashire town of Bacup transforms into the fictional Hawley, providing viewers with a taste of Northern England’s charm. 

You might be interested to know that The Star and Garter, a popular pub near Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, is a recurring location that brings the characters’ hangout to life on screen.

Filming Challenges

Despite its light-hearted narrative, producing Brassic wasn’t without its challenges. 

Filming across multiple locations in the North West of England, the crew needed to manage ambitious shooting schedules. 

They navigated through the logistical complexities to piece together the fictional world of Hawley, ensuring continuity against a backdrop of real-world settings, as well as the unpredictable British weather.

Fan Engagement

As a fan of the hit series Brassic, you can enter the world of your favorite characters by exploring the filming locations.

These spots have a unique charm, thanks to their role in the show.

Tours And Visitor Spots

Lively guided tours exist, inviting you to witness the places that backdrop Hawley, the fictional town in Brassic. 

Mancunian Tours offers an experience where you can walk the cobbled streets and visit the local haunts that have been featured on your screen.

  • Hawley: Experience the magic of the fictional town.
  • Manchester: Discover various locations from pivotal scenes.
  • Lancashire Towns: Immerse yourself in the countryside vistas.

Local Economy Impact

Your fascination with Brassic doesn’t just bring you joy—it significantly boosts the local economy. 

Shops and restaurants often seen in the series have reported increased foot traffic, leading to a positive impact on local businesses.

  • Increased Visitors: Spots that are featured in the show often see more tourists.
  • Business Growth: Local shops experience a surge in popularity after appearing on Brassic.

Key Takeaways

  • Location Variety: You’ll find that Brassic, Sky’s hit comedy series, features a diverse collection of filming locations.
    • These are predominantly in the North West of England.
  • Manchester: The city isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a character. 
    • The Star and Garter pub near Piccadilly Station serves as one of the central hubs for the show’s pub scenes.
  • Lancashire Presence: Several scenes take you to Lancashire—with the town of Bacup often doubling for the show’s fictional setting of Hawley.
  • Bolton’s Contribution: Scenes are also set in Bromley Cross and Le Mans Crescent in Bolton, offering a glimpse into the show’s varied urban landscape.
  • University Settings: Salford University’s Frederick Road Campus brings an academic touch to the series, substituting as the doctor’s surgery.