Where Is Brassic Filmed?

Where is Brassic filmed? Brassic is a popular UK comedy-drama starring Vinnie O’Neill, a character played by John Gilgun. It depicts the challenges and fun moments in Vinnie’s life as he handles bipolar and experiences life with his friends.

Brassic has been filmed in several places in the UK, including Bolton, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Wales. These locations give us a beautiful display of urban landscapes and countryside settings as we witness Vinnie’s life experiences. Some memorable locations in the comedy series are Star and Garter pub opposite Piccadilly station, Bacup in Lancashire, and Shrewsbury Prison.

If you’ve never heard of Brassic, here is some information about it.

What Is Brassic?

Brassic is a comedy-drama about Vinnie O’Neil and his friends set in the fictional town of Hawley. The series is inspired by Joe Giligun’s (one of the stars) experiences as a young boy in Chorley. He plays Vinnie, a lad with Bipolar who lives alone in the woods and spends his life fending for himself.

Vinnie and his gang of friends, including his best friend Dylan, are always up to no good. Their friendship is thrown into a tailspin when Dylan’s girlfriend Erin (Michelle Keegan) decides to move from the area. That leaves him with a difficult decision: does he follow his girlfriend or stay with Vinnie, his best mate.

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Locations Where Brassic Is Filmed

Brassic is filmed in various locations in Manchester and Northern Bolton. Here are some of them.

1. Star And Garter Pub

Star and Garter is a Fairfield pub where Vinnie and his friends have a good time. It is owned by Kath, a role played by Ruth Sheen, who has known Vinnie and his friends for years. There, Vinnies and his friends get into a lot of mischief, have fun and brawl.

2. Bacup

Bacup, a town in South Pennines, is another location where Brassic is filmed. The town has interesting architecture and lots of eye-catching Victorian gems where scenes in Brassic are filmed. A memorable one is the doctor’s surgery scene filmed at Frederick Road Campus at Salford University.

3. Erin’s House

Erin’s House, another famous setting in Brassic, is located in a market town called Ashton – under – Lyne. The town located in Greater Manchester is renowned for its cotton trade. Erin’s House is just outside Ashton as you head towards Heart head Pike.

4. The Farm And Barn

There is also the farm and barn where Vinnie and his friends park their car during the series. Vinnie’s secret hideout is where he has bare-knuckle boxing fights with his friends. The sheep farm is on a massive hill with many wind farms separating Burnley and Bacup.


Now you know the answer to Where is Brassic filmed? The series contains humorous scenes as Vinny and his friends get into endless mischief. Fans learn the challenges of living with Bipolar from Vinny while relating with friends as they mature together.

Throughout the series, we witness Vinnie help his friends through difficult situations. An example is helping Ash track his father, and Gideon honours his dead mother’s wishes. The gang also gets into mischief, such as stealing beehives and kidnapping gangster McCann’s twins. These and more scenes make Brassic a must-watch TV show.