Where Is The Bay Filmed?

News about the Bay series being a UK film got fans thinking, “Where is The Bay filmed?”. The thrilling show got the attention of everyone and drew them into its suspense, compellingly unleashing crime. So, where is The Bay filmed, and what are the circumstances surrounding its locations?

The three seasons of The Bay are filmed in several locations around Morecambe in the UK. Morecambe is a small, coastal town cited north of Blackpool, a location that was previously an attraction. It captures the different natural sceneries of the town with its exotic beaches, seaside scenery, and relaxation spots. A few other scenes were filmed in Whitehaven and Grange-over-Sands.

All those numerous fans could think about was, “Where is The Bay filmed?” as they marvelled at its landscapes. Keep reading to learn more about the locations of this series from its seasons one to three.

What Is The Bay?

The Bay is a thrilling drama series of three seasons, introducing a crime to be solved each season.

In the first season, which premiered in 2019, the series introduces a case where a pair of twins go missing. Detective Lisa Armstrong, a mother of two, comes into the case to track the children’s whereabouts.

However, things get complicated when she realises the children’s stepfather is a man she had slept with. Furthermore, her emotional attachment to the case is a roadblock to her proper judgement. Resultantly, Lisa begins to make wrong choices that would cost her more than just the case.

The series’s second season introduces another crime where a solicitor is shot at Med’s doorstep. In the third season, another case of a murdered aspiring boxer comes up again with another Detective Townsend in charge. In all seasons come crimes and complications of the characters’ personal lives.

Locations Where The Bay Is Filmed


The original The Bay story is set in Morecambe, and most of the series story takes place here. It features images of the little town’s beautiful sandy beaches, promenades, and choppy waves. 

This Lancashire community is North of Blackpool, formerly a bustling seaside resort. The second season of The Bay was just released and shot in the same location. However, it focused on a different aspect of life in Morecambe. 

Its beach segments have always been the show’s focal point and remained so through all seasons. The town has a sandy beach that stretches for miles and offers views of the Lakeland Fells in the distance. There is also a vast promenade dotted with cafés, restaurants, and hotels.


A few scenes were shot in Whitehaven harbour as well.


The crew shot parts of the series in the ramshackle Grange Lido Swimming Pool in Grange-over-Sands. There were even fewer scenes in Manchester, not so far from this town. 


This post should be enough to answer your question, “Where is The Bay filmed?” if you too were mesmerised by the landmark of this series, you now know the spots where the action unfolded.