How To Stop Gel Nails From Peeling 

You need to know how to stop gel nails from peeling if you want them to last much longer. Gel nails are a sensation in the UK and beyond for being straightforward, unique, and elegant. However, these nails peeling off will ruin all that beauty, so how do you stop them from peeling?

To stop gel nails from peeling, you must ensure you keep your hands moisturised. Always apply hand cream after washing your hands and regularly use cuticle oil over the nails. With this, you can lock moisture in without having a greasy feeling on your hands. Keeping your hands dry and preventing nail chipping also prevents gel peeling. 

It’s one thing to love to have these nails on and another to know how to stop gel nails from peeling. Keep reading to ensure your gel nails last longer without losing their shine. 

The Benefits of Gel Nails

There are many reasons why you should get gel nails. Firstly, gel nails require gel-based polishes, which you cure into your nails using UV or LED light. Due to this, they are usually hard and long-lasting, staying up to four weeks on your nails without wearing them out.

Also, fixing them saves you the stress of having to wait so long for them to dry up. When you fix acrylic or non-acrylic nails, it takes hours to dry, making way for the possibility of smudges. Gel nails take at least sixty seconds to dry up, saving you the time to get going.

These nails look and feel natural on your hands as they are applied in thin layers on your nails. Furthermore, they give additional protection, strengthening them while preventing dust and dirt from getting to them. Their versatility offers several colours, designs, and patterns to wear what you love most.

The Disadvantages of Gel Nails

Before going into how to stop gel nails from peeling, you should be aware of some of its adverse effects. Gel nails may cause cancer, as some reports may have it. The UV radiation emitted by the lamps used to set the gel manicures has the same detrimental effects as sunbeds. 

Before using the gel, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen to your hands. It’s conceivable that the treatment will thin the nail. Hence, it may expose them to infections.

According to some specialists, the natural nails recover after a gel treatment in around 6 weeks. This is considered a long time, and removing the gel in the first place will be more difficult. Pure acetone may be used to soak or file your nails, although it is drying to the fingers.

How to Stop Gel Nails from Peeling

It’s easy to learn how to stop gel nails from peeling. All it takes is basic habits to maintain it for longer and keep its clean, new look. Below are the ways to stop your gel nails from peeling and maintaining their look.

1. Keep Your Hands Moisturised

The biggest enemy of gel nails is exposure to a dry atmosphere. To maintain your gel nails, you must always keep them moist. 

Get a good hand cream to apply to your hands as frequently as possible to keep them from drying. Ensure you pick a cream with good ingredients like coconut oil to avoid a reaction.

2. Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is mainly designed to keep your nails and general skin in good shape. It doesn’t only keep your fingers moisturised but also adds shine to them. By boosting the flow of blood around your nails, it helps them grow faster and stronger.

3. Avoid Water

The moisture your gel nails need is not the type you get from water. You don’t want your nails damp from frequent contact with water, which could immediately cause them to peel. Try to avoid certain chores and activities that always get them wet.

4. Avoid Chipping of Nails

Use gloves to avoid chipping your nails when carrying out tasks around your house. Don’t use your teeth on your nails or use your nails as tools in your household chores.


Now you know how to stop gel nails from peeling, you can maintain them for longer. Remember, it can take three to four weeks before your gel nails become due. However, you must do what it takes before they can last that long.