What Are Girlfriend Jeans?

What are girlfriend jeans? That’s likely what you are wondering if you’re not aware of the different styles of jeans. Girlfriend jeans are a feminine version of boyfriend jeans. Knowing how to differentiate the two can help you pick the best jeans for yourself.

Girlfriend jeans are straight-legged jeans, cut to taper down the leg and end at the ankle. They fit tightly around the waist and do not ride down the hips like loose-fitting boyfriend jeans. Girlfriend jeans suit petite and curvy women. You can wear them for a date at night or during the day as part of a casual outfit.

Girlfriend jeans became popular around 2014. Previously, low-riding, loose-fitting boyfriend jeans were in vogue. Girlfriend jeans were made for anyone who wants a pair of jeans that gives them a sleek, close-fitting silhouette.

They do not hang off the body like boyfriend jeans, mostly worn for their loose fit. Nor do they accentuate the body like mom jeans, which are high waisted and broad at the hips. 

Don’t confuse girlfriend jeans with skinny jeans. Girlfriend jeans skim the body rather than hug it tight, making them fit just right. They are distinctly feminine and designed to show off the female body to its best advantage.

Girlfriend jeans are made from rigid denim. They fit higher up the hips and have a slight extra stretch that gives them a comfy feel. Girlfriend jeans have a straight tapered leg and are worn with the cuffs rolled above the ankles.

You can choose between high, low, or mid-rise girlfriend jeans depending on your preference and what flatters your curves. They are also available in classic and ripped designs and every denim colour.

The Best Body Type for Girlfriend Jeans

You cannot answer the question, “what are girlfriend jeans?” without thinking of body types. Girlfriend jeans are flattering for most body shapes when they are the right size and paired with the right top. They are ideal for petite women because they fit just right. Compared to slouchy boyfriend jeans that can overwhelm a women’s figure.

Full-bodied or curvy women with wide hips and large bottoms will also look better in girlfriend jeans than boyfriend jeans. They are made of rigid denim that hugs the body, giving it a smooth silhouette. Since they are high waisted, they also cinch in the waist creating a shapely look.

Tall, slim women will look good in baggy jeans that bulk them up. Skinny jeans are another great choice to show off their long legs. Flare jeans are the best pick for anyone who wants to balance the silhouette.

Different Types of Girlfriend Jeans

There are slim-fit and loose-fitting girlfriend jeans. Loose-fitting girlfriend jeans have a little more give at the ankles than the slim-fit kind. They are high waisted, supporting the midriff and offering a hold that flatters the figure by creating a streamlined silhouette.

Choose between ripped, distressed, or dark wash girlfriend jeans, depending on your preference. Ripped girlfriend jeans are great for everyday wear paired with sneakers and a T-shirt. But you could also combine them with a denim shirt for a fun look.

Dark wash girlfriend jeans are the best for a formal look. Pairing them with a white shirt or blouse will give you that classy look. They also look incredibly flattering when paired with heels because they elongate the legs. 

Distressed girlfriend jeans are better for an informal look. They look good with a crop top, t-shirt, or flannel shirt. Pair them with flats or heels for a casual, formal look together with a blazer.

Whether you pick a low-, mid-, or high-rise pair of girlfriend jeans will depend on your body type. If you have a tummy, a high or midrise pair of girlfriend jeans will hide it while accentuating your waist. Low rise girlfriend jeans are ideal for petite women with a tiny waist.

How to Style Your Girlfriend Jeans 

Now that we’ve answered the question “what are girlfriend jeans?”, let’s see how you can style them. You can dress girlfriend jeans up or down with oversized tees or chunky tops. You can also pair them with a loosely tucked blouse or shirt with a structured blazer on top.

Girlfriend jeans look great with tops tucked in or pulled out. When tucking your top into girlfriend jeans, pull it out a bit at the waist. It will make you look slimmer and balance the silhouette by keeping you from looking too streamlined.

Fitted girlfriend jeans are great for the cold season when paired with a chunky sweater, boots, and a coat. Tuck them into ankle-length boots with a small heel to lengthen your legs and protect your ankles from the cold. 

In the summer, loose-fitting girlfriend jeans with a bit of give at the leg are the best. Pair them with a loose-fitting top and some sandals for a casual look.

Choose a fitting jacket that hits your waist’s narrowest part when wearing girlfriend jeans if you like leather jackets. That will show off your figure to the best advantage. 

And when you pair slim-fit girlfriend jeans with oversize tops, turn them up at the cuff to show your ankles. You can wear them with flats, strappy heeled sandals, ankle boots, and sneakers. It’s best to pair girlfriend jeans with slightly elevated shoes, such as platform sneakers and heeled ankle boots.

And let’s not forget bags. Solid coloured bags are best for dark wash girlfriend jeans. Ripped or distressed girlfriend jeans look better with print or coloured bags.

Dressing up Your Girlfriend Jeans

Girlfriend jeans that are fitted and not too tight are the best for a formal occasion. Pair them with a structured bag or clutch to keep your look formal.

You can wear girlfriend jeans with loose-fitting crop tops for a casual look. Combining a pair of girlfriend jeans with a crop top is one of the best ways to show off your waist.

Solid coloured blouses such as a white button-down shirt look best when paired with dark wash girlfriend jeans. Balance the lookout with coloured accessories to keep it from looking too formal.

Dress your girlfriend jeans up for a girl’s night out with a tailored blouse, blazer, and heels. You could also wear ankle-length boots and top the outfit off with a trilby hat. If you are heading to the office, pair your jeans with a button-down shirt and blazer.

Combining a sweater and leather jacket with girlfriend jeans turned up at the ankle is another trendy look. Finish it off with a trilby hat, and you have a perfect look for a chilly girls’ night out.

These examples of how to style girlfriend jeans should get you started on the right foot. Go out and buy a pair or two and experiment on different ways to style them.


Conclusion paragraph: So, if you’re looking for a fresh and flattering denim style to add to your wardrobe, girlfriend jeans are the perfect option. They suit a range of body types and can be dressed up or down to create different looks. So go ahead and give girlfriend jeans a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed!