Where Is North Sea Connection Filmed?

Watching television makes you wonder where is North Sea Connection filmed.

The television drama “North Sea Connection” adds to the rich tradition of Irish storytelling, offering viewers a thrilling narrative set against a backdrop of natural beauty.

Filmed across various locations on Ireland’s west coast, the series brings to life the tale of a fishing community entangled in a criminal underworld.

Galway, renowned for its vibrant culture and stunning seascapes, serves as the primary setting, allowing the drama to unfold amidst authentic Irish scenery.

As you watch “North Sea Connection,” the contrast between the Connemara coast’s rugged allure and the dark secrets it conceals is impossible to ignore.

The production made use of the sweeping landscapes and quintessentially Irish settings to tell a story that is both visually captivating and narratively engrossing.

With a mix of Irish, Nordic, and international talents, the series showcases the global reach of Irish drama while staying true to its local roots.

Where Is North Sea Connection Filmed?

In exploring the captivating filming locations of “North Sea Connection,” you’ll discover that the series showcases Ireland’s rugged beauty, with specific focus on Galway and the wild North Atlantic coast.

North Sea Regions

Galway, Ireland: The primary filming locations of “North Sea Connection” are situated in Galway, a city known for its vibrant culture and stunning coastal scenery.

Within Galway, the small fishing village of Roundstone provides a picturesque backdrop for the drama, immersing you in the authentic atmosphere of Ireland’s west coast.

Onshore Settings

  • Connemara: Known for its sweeping landscapes, this region of Galway sets the perfect stage for the thriller’s darker elements.
    • The production utilizes the raw, natural environments of Connemara to heighten the series’ tense narrative.

  • Galway City: While less emphasized, the urban environment of Galway City itself does contribute to the onshore settings of the series, offering a contrast between the rural coastline and the city’s more bustling qualities.

Production Details

Your journey through the making of North Sea Connection finds its essence in the rugged beauty of Galway, where the series was filmed.

Let’s explore the specific techniques and the talented team that brought this drama thriller to life.

Filming Techniques

North Sea Connection capitalizes on Galway’s natural landscapes to set a dramatic tone.

The production employed high-definition cameras to capture the raw beauty of Ireland’s west coast, turning it into a backdrop that enhances the show’s thrilling narrative.

The use of steady cams and drones provides a sense of scale and grandeur to the coastal scenes.

Crew and Direction

The series features a collaborative direction and production team.

Subotica and MOPAR Studios led the production for the NENT Group, co-produced by RTÉ, with the support of Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland.

This combination of Irish and international talent ensured a rich storytelling experience, with local insights meeting global expertise.

Cultural Impact

When a film or series is produced in a location like Galway where “North Sea Connection” is filmed, you’ll often notice a ripple effect in the local culture.

Here’s how this show has contributed to the local economy and bolstered tourism.

Local Economy Contributions

The filming of North Sea Connection in Galway has brought a considerable amount of business to the area.

Your local shops, catering services, and accommodation providers benefit as the production team spends on various services.

The influx of crew members needing lodging and food stimulates local businesses directly linked to the film industry.

Tourism and Publicity

Galway’s exposure through North Sea Connection has piqued interest among viewers.

Specially, seeing local landmarks on screen encourages viewers to visit, boosting tourism.

This interest can lead to a surge in people seeking out the filming locations, eager to experience the backdrop of their favorite drama in person.

Viewers’ Guide

Embark on a gripping journey along Ireland’s picturesque west coast with the drama thriller series, North Sea Connection.

Whether you’re a fan of moody seascapes or thrilling narratives, this guide has got you covered.

How To Watch

North Sea Connection is accessible through various streaming services:

  • RTÉ: As an Irish national public service broadcaster, RTÉ may offer the series on its television service or on the RTÉ Player.
  • NENT Group Platforms: Residents in Nordic countries can find the series on their Viaplay streaming service.
  • Subscriptions & Purchases: The series may also be available for purchase or through subscription on international platforms like Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

Check for availability in your area, as it can vary.

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  • Documentaries:
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  • TV Shows:
    • “Shetland” – A crime drama set against the stark backdrop of the Shetland Islands.
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All titles are subject to availability on your local streaming services or television networks.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Location: The drama thriller series “North Sea Connection” was primarily filmed in the picturesque regions of Galway.
    • The series specifically focuses on Connemara’s stunning coastal landscape.
  • Star-Studded Cast: The cast is led by actors such as Lydia McGuinness. It also includes notable talents like Kerr Logan and Sinead Cusack, among others.
  • Production Collaboration: Irish company Subotica and MOPAR Studios produced this series for NENT Group.
    • RTÉ also co-produced it, with support from Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland.
  • Series Premise: In “North Sea Connection,” you’ll find Ciara, a fishing boat captain, dealing with her brother Aidan’s decision to smuggle drugs at sea.
    • This leads to unexpected and dramatic events.
  • Filming Details:
    • Galway and the Connemara coast, known for their beauty, play a significant role in the visual storytelling.
    • The selection of filming locations was a deliberate choice, showcasing the North Sea region’s natural allure.
  • Cultural Significance: The series contributes to Irish drama representation on the screen.
    • It celebrates local scenery and talent.