Where Is Still Game Filmed?

If you have watched Scottish sitcoms, you may be curious where is Still Game filmed.

Still Game, the beloved Scottish sitcom, has captured the hearts of audiences with its endearing characters and genuine depiction of Glaswegian life.

If you’re a fan, you might be curious about where the magic of Craiglang comes to life on screen.

The show predominantly films in and around the city of Glasgow, featuring various familiar landmarks that might have sparked your interest.

Your exploration of Still Game filming locations would take you to the Maryhill district, which is frequently on display as the principal setting for many of the show’s main scenes.

You’d find that Navid’s shop, a central location in the series, was actually filmed in the Townhead area.

As the characters navigate their everyday adventures, you’d recognize iconic Glasgow locations such as Queen Street and Central Stations, Buchanan Street, and The Hydro, which all contribute to the show’s authentic atmosphere.

Witnessing the locations in person, you can almost hear Jack and Victor’s banter or see Isa’s latest gossip unfolding.

Each spot holds the essence of the show, making a tour of Still Game’s filming spots not just a fan’s journey, but a deeper dive into the heart of Glasgow itself.

Where Is Still Game Filmed?

The beloved Scottish sitcom “Still Game” showcases Glasgow in its backdrop, offering numerous filming locations for fans to explore.


In the heart of Glasgow’s Maryhill district, you’ll find the main scenes of Craiglang, the fictional community around which “Still Game” revolves.

The neighborhood served as a pivotal setting for the series, bringing to life the close-knit environment of the characters.

Glasgow City Centre

You can traverse Glasgow’s bustling city centre to spot iconic locations seen in “Still Game.”

Queen Street and Central Stations make an appearance in the show, and the busy Buchanan Street also features as a backdrop for various scenes.

Glasgow’s well-known event space, The Hydro, alongside picturesque views along the River Clyde, have also made it to the screen.

Other Glasgow Locations

Beyond Maryhill and the city centre, “Still Game” has peppered its presence across Glasgow.

Notably, Navid’s shop, a central location in the series, is found in the Townhead area.

Other spots within Glasgow frequently appear throughout the show, offering a broad view of the city’s character and architecture.

Set Design and Studio Filming

When you settle down to watch Still Game, you’re seeing the result of meticulous set design and studio work that brings the series to life.

BBC Scotland Pacific Quay Studios

The show filmed its indoor scenes at BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay Studios.

Here’s where the crew carefully constructed and filmed the iconic interiors, such as the Clansman Pub, Navid’s shop, and Jack and Victor’s homes.

This modern facility equipped with cutting-edge technology ensured that the set design was as authentic as possible, truly reflecting the essence of the show’s setting.

Cultural Impact

You might be intrigued to know the Scottish sitcom Still Game has had a significant cultural impact in Scotland and beyond.

The show, which humorously depicts the lives of pensioners Jack and Victor alongside other residents of the fictional Glasgow community of Craiglang, has left a mark on Scottish culture with its unique brand of humor and local vernacular.

Relatability and Representation
The strong sense of community depicted in Still Game rings true for many, and the authentic representation of working-class life in Scotland has garnered praise.

  • Impact on Scottish Identity
    • Pride: The show instills a sense of pride in Scottish viewers, showcasing their humor and spirit.
    • Language: It celebrates the Scottish dialect, bringing phrases like “pure dead brilliant” to wider audiences.

Influence on the Arts
As Still Game conquered television screens, it influenced other creative endeavors in Scotland, inspiring local playwrights, novelists, and screenwriters.

  • Comedy: It has proven that Scottish comedy can have universal appeal.
  • Drama: Despite its comedic underpinning, it doesn’t shy away from addressing more serious social issues, heightening drama’s role in reflecting societal challenges.

Key Takeaways

Filming Locations in Glasgow

  • Craiglang’s Main Scenes: Filmed in Maryhill district of Glasgow.
  • Navid’s Shop: Located in Townhead, originally Alfy’s Paper Shop.
  • Hillhead Library: Appears as a favourite spot for pensioners in the show.

Familiar Streets

  • Often Featured Roads: Maryhill Road, Ruchill Street, Burnhouse Street, and Gairbraid Avenue.

Noteworthy Sites

  • Victoria Park: Portrayed as Craiglang’s local park during a heatwave episode.
  • Notable Buildings: Some structures used in filming now appear different post-show.

Beyond the City

  • Coastal Scenes: South Africa was the backdrop for a caravan park featured in the series.

Your exploration of Still Game wouldn’t be complete without visiting these iconic areas connected to the beloved series.

Feel free to walk down these streets and see if you can spot the filming locations which brought Craiglang to life.

Keep your eyes open for changes though, as time has left its mark on certain venues.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or a curious traveler, these locations offer a real-life peek into the world of Jack, Victor, and the rest of the gang.