Where Is Falling For Christmas Filmed?

The charm of holiday movies often lies in their picturesque settings, which transport you into a world of festive cheer and you may wonder where is Falling for Christmas filmed.

If you’ve watched “Falling for Christmas” featuring Lindsay Lohan and wondered about the snow-clad locales that provide the perfect backdrop for the Christmas romance, you’re not alone.

The film takes you to the scenic views of Utah.

Much of the production took place at the Goldener Hirsch resort, nestled in the mountains of Deer Valley.

These resorts, alongside Stein Eriksen Lodge, play a pivotal role in the movie, setting the stage for the story to unfold.

Beyond the confines of the luxurious lodgings, the film also captures the essence of snow-covered Utah by including shots from the surrounding Salt Lake City and Park City.

This choice of location is fitting as Utah is known for its winter sports and idyllic snowy landscapes, making it an optimal filming site for a holiday-themed movie.

So as you settle in to enjoy “Falling for Christmas,” visualize yourself wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping hot cocoa, and appreciating the real-life winter wonderland of Utah that sets the scene for the holiday magic in the movie.

After all, the authentic snowy small-town vibe of the film’s locations is a big part of what makes the story come to life.

Where Is Falling For Christmas Filmed?

Exploring the enchanting winter landscapes in Falling For Christmas, you’re actually glimpsing the scenic locales of Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Park City, Utah

In Park City, your eyes feast on the snow-covered slopes and charming resort backdrops where much of the film’s action unfolds.

The Goldener Hirsch and Stein Eriksen Lodge are not just sets; they’re real-life luxury destinations that frame many of the movie’s heartwarming moments.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Moving over to Salt Lake City, this area’s diverse scenery complements the film’s depiction of winter wonder.

From bustling cityscapes to tranquil outdoor settings, Salt Lake City offers an authentic taste of Utah’s snowy paradise, essential for the film’s outdoor and skiing sequences.

Secondary Filming Sites

Beyond the primary locations of Goldener Hirsch and Stein Eriksen Lodge, Falling for Christmas also features a variety of secondary sites that lend authenticity to its snowy small-town setting.

You’ll spot scenes shot in the bustling Salt Lake City and the scenic Park City, Utah.

These areas are favorites among snow sport enthusiasts and were ideal for capturing the film’s outdoor and skiing sequences.

The urban backdrop of Salt Lake contrasts with the tranquil, snowy surroundings of the mountain resorts, offering a glimpse of daily life amidst the holiday cheer.

In specific terms, the film adds to its charm with scenes set in Gardner Village, which doubles for the film’s festive Christmas market.

Here, you can almost feel the warmth of hot cocoa and the excitement of holiday shopping as the characters traverse through the quaint stalls and twinkling lights.

While the production utilized various resorts and towns within Utah, these secondary filming sites are crucial in knitting together the world of Falling for Christmas.

They provide a canvas that captures the essence of a winter wonderland that’s just waiting for you to explore.

  • Salt Lake City: Urban landscape with a holiday twist.
  • Park City: Picturesque mountain town with snow-filled streets.
  • Gardner Village: Enchanting village setting for the Christmas market scenes.

These places provide the film with a generous dose of realism and whimsy, ensuring the viewer is transported into a Christmas experience that feels both grand and intimate.

Filming Impact On Local Areas

When “Falling for Christmas” was filmed in Utah, specifically in areas like Salt Lake City and Park City, the production brought a flurry of activity to these locales.

The effect on local businesses and the community was noticeable and mostly positive.

  • Economic Boost: Local businesses, especially those around filming locations such as Goldener Hirsch and Stein Eriksen Lodge, likely saw increased foot traffic and patronage.
    • Restaurants, shops, and services in the vicinity would have enjoyed the economic ripple effect from the cast, crew, and curious onlookers.
  • Employment Opportunities: Your community benefits when a film production rolls into town because it often hires locally, providing a variety of short-term jobs ranging from set construction to catering services.
  • Tourism Interest: Being the backdrop for a film, especially holiday-themed movies that capture picturesque winter scenes, can pique the interest of future tourists.
Impact AreaDescription
Economic ActivityBoost to local businesses and increased spending in the area.
EmploymentLocal hires for various production-related tasks.
TourismAttraction of future visitors seeking to experience the filming locations.

As a local resident, you may have noticed a buzz in the air when the crews came to town.

The film showcased the natural beauty of your area, potentially sparking an increased interest in winter sports and outdoor activities shown in the movie.

While the influx of people during production could have led to some temporary disruptions, the long-term cultural and economic benefits tend to leave a positive mark on the community.

Production Trivia

You might be curious about the snowy scenes and cozy lodge settings of Falling for Christmas.

Contrary to its Aspen, Colorado setting, the film was primarily shot in Utah, known for its picturesque winter landscapes.

  • Filming Locations: The bulk of the movie was shot at two luxurious resorts in Utah:
    • Goldener Hirsch: Depicting the fictional Belmont Summit Resort
    • Stein Eriksen Lodge: Adds to the authentic ski resort experience
    • City Scenes: Salt Lake City and Park City provided the backdrop for vibrant town scenes and outdoor adventures.

Filming Timeline
Falling for Christmas had a tight shooting schedule:

  • Start: November 8, 2021
  • End: December 15, 2021
Utah’s RoleWhy Chosen
Scenic LandscapeOffers snowy, mountainous terrain ideal for creating a convincing Christmas atmosphere.
Snow SportsA perfect match for the film’s ski-resort setting.

Visit Possibilities: Intrigued by the film’s resorts? You can visit Goldener Hirsch in Deer Valley and experience a slice of movie magic yourself.

Remember, while Utah stands in for Aspen, the heartwarming scenes you enjoyed are a testament to the versatility and charm of Utah’s wintery appeal.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: Falling for Christmas was primarily filmed in Utah. Key shooting locations included the Belmont Summit Resort and North Star Lodge.
    • In real life, these places are known as the Goldener Hirsch and Stein Eriksen Lodge, respectively.
  • Scenes: You could see the scenic views of Salt Lake City and Park City in the film.
    • These locations were used for outdoor and skiing scenes, giving the movie its authentic snowy small-town atmosphere.
  • Filming Dates: Production took place from November 8 to December 15, 2021.
    • This timing helped the film capture the natural winter landscape of Utah.
  • Utah’s Charm: Yes, the film showcases several charming locations across Utah.
    • Some of these places may feel familiar if you’ve explored the state.

Here’s a quick visual table to help you remember where the magic happened:

FeatureLocation in UtahReal Name
Belmont Summit ResortGoldener HirschGoldener Hirsch
North Star LodgeStein Eriksen LodgeStein Eriksen Lodge
Outdoor and Skiing ScenesSalt Lake City and Park City 
General Filming SpanNovember 8 to December 15, 2021