Where Is Midsomer Murders Filmed?

If you want to know where is Midsomer Murders filmed, keep on reading this article.

Midsomer Murders, the quintessential British crime drama, has intrigued viewers with not just its suspenseful storylines but also with its picturesque settings that capture the essence of the English countryside.

You might find yourself wondering about the beautiful locations that provide the backdrop for the sinister happenings of the fictional county of Midsomer.

The show is based on the ‘Chief Inspector Barnaby’ book series by Caroline Graham.

It brings to life the charming yet deadly villages with real English towns and countrysides serving as the setting for the series.

If your curiosity is piqued about the serene yet mystic landscapes where the series is filmed, you’ll be delighted to know that Midsomer Murders is shot in various locations across England, primarily in the counties of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Berkshire.

These areas are famed for their historic market towns, traditional pubs, and centuries-old churches, all of which lend a credible authenticity to the show’s setting.

South Oxfordshire, in particular, has been a regular host, with picturesque villages and hamlets being featured in numerous episodes over the years.

Various real-life towns and villages such as Wallingford, Warborough, and the areas surrounding them often stand in for the fictional towns featured in Midsomer Murders.

When watching the series, you are essentially taking a tour through some of the more idyllic parts of England.

For passionate fans or curious travelers, exploring these areas might appeal as a quaint adventure into the heart of the English countryside—minus the fictional crime spree, of course.

Midsomer Murders, your favorite British crime drama, brings to life the fictional region of Midsomer through a variety of filming locations in the South of England, predominantly across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Villages and Towns Used

  • Buckinghamshire: Discover where the quaint and often deadly activities of Midsomer take shape.
  • Oxfordshire: Many scenes are filmed here, giving you a glimpse into the serene yet intriguing atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of the show.
  • Berkshire County: At times, the county’s locales serve as the backdrop for the series.

Locations like Wallingford, Thame, and Dorchester are not only frequent sets but also stunning representations of the picturesque English countryside you’ve envisioned in Midsomer.

Historic Houses and Estates

  • Wellington College, Crowthorne: Transformed into St. Frideswides for an episode.
  • Dorney Court: This historical landmark has starred in multiple episodes, providing an authentic Midsomer touch.

Whether set against the timeless allure of grand estates or nestled within charming villages, every location contributes to the intriguing world of Midsomer Murders.

Iconic Filming Sites

The villages of Southern Oxfordshire have become synonymous with the beloved series Midsomer Murders, providing the backdrop to many of the show’s memorable moments.

Here, you’ll explore two of the most iconic filming sites that may feel like old friends.

Causton Town Hall

Thame Town Hall, in the historic market town of Thame, is recognized as Causton Town Hall in the world of Midsomer Murders.

With its remarkable facade, it’s where some of the pivotal town scenes unfold.

As you wander through Thame, you might find its familiar structure instantly transporting you into the show.

Red Lion Pub

Although the Red Lion Pub is a common name for traditional British pubs and frequently mentioned in the series, one of the actual pubs used for filming is located in Henley-on-Thames.

This charming establishment exudes the quintessential English charm that’s become a hallmark of the Midsomer villages.

While it might go by a different name in real life, its on-screen counterpart has hosted many of the series’ dramas.

Behind The Scenes

Discovering where the scenes of Midsomer Murders come to life will give you a fascinating glimpse into the production process.

Production Choices and Challenges

Your journey behind the scenes of Midsomer Murders reveals a deliberate selection of filming locations to capture the quintessential English countryside charm.

The producers chose Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire for their picturesque market towns and idyllic rural landscapes.

In Oxfordshire, towns like Thame and Wallingford represent the fictional Causton, with Wallingford’s local features regularly appearing as part of DCI Barnaby’s community.

In particular, the Thame Town Hall doubles as Causton Town Hall in the series.

In Buckinghamshire, the producers faced the challenge of keeping the idyllic settings consistent with Midsomer Murders’ established aesthetic.

Selecting locations and scheduling shoots around public accessibility and modern encroachments requires careful coordination to maintain the timeless look integral to the show’s appeal.

Integrating new locations involves a meticulous process to ensure they seamlessly blend with the fictional Midsomer County’s existing on-screen geography.

Tourism and Fan Visits

If you’re a fan of Midsomer Murders, you have the exciting opportunity to explore the charming filming locations of this popular series.

These picturesque villages and historic towns have become a magnet for tourism, offering both guided and self-guided tours.

Guided Tours

Guided tours can immerse you in the world of Midsomer Murders. They are typically offered as half-day experiences, which take about four hours and usually include lunch.

Your tour might cover villages like Dorchester on Thames, Warborough, and towns such as Wallingford, Henley on Thames, and Thame.

Remember, you’ll generally need a minimum group size of six people to book a guided tour.

Self-Guided Itineraries

For a more independent adventure, self-guided itineraries let you explore at your own pace.

With a map of Midsomer Murders locations, you can visit places like Causton, Midsomer Newton, and various traditional pubs and village greens featured in the series.

You can trace the steps of Inspector Barnaby on a leisurely afternoon and delve into the quaint and quintessentially English countryside.

Impact on Local Communities

The filming of Midsomer Murders has extended beyond the screen, bringing unique opportunities and challenges to the villages and towns of Southern Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Here’s how your community might feel the influence:

  • Tourism Boost: Discover the charming streets, historical buildings, and picturesque scenery that have appeared on the show.
    • As a result, you might notice a spike in tourism. Local businesses, like cafes and shops, often enjoy increased patronage from fans seeking an authentic Midsomer experience.
  • Cultural Spotlight: Your town’s unique cultural elements could attract attention.
    • From local festivities to architectural gems, showcasing these on an international platform like Midsomer Murders often instills a sense of pride.
  • Economic Impact: With cast and crew on location, you’ll see an uptick in short-term economic benefits.
    • The production team might need to hire local services, rent spaces, or purchase supplies, funneling money directly into your community.

However, be mindful of a few considerations:

  • Local Disruption: Filming might cause temporary closures of streets or businesses.
    • Keep an eye out for notices about shooting schedules to plan your day accordingly.
  • Resource Strain: Larger crowds could place a strain on public services and amenities.
    • It’s essential for local authorities to manage this to ensure a positive balance is maintained.

Key Takeaways

  • Location Highlights: The quaint villages and market towns of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire in England are the primary filming locations for Midsomer Murders.
    • The picturesque settings contribute to the show’s charming yet mysterious ambiance.
  • Town of Causton: The fictional town of Causton is central to the series.
    • Thame and Wallingford in Oxfordshire often represent Causton on screen.
    • You might recognize Thame Town Hall, which stars as Causton Town Hall.
  • Barnaby’s House: Wallingford is not just a backdrop; it also serves as the location for Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby’s house, giving you a glimpse into the lead character’s home life.
  • Railway Scenes: The Chinnor railway station has appeared in several episodes, providing a period setting that adds to the show’s intrigue.
  • Public Services: Even real-life public services, like the hospital in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, feature in the show as fictional venues within Midsomer.