Where Is Ridley Filmed?

If you’re captivated by the scenic backdrops in the British police procedural dramas, you might want to know where is Ridley filmed.

The series, which follows retired detective Alex Ridley, is as much a visual treat for its atmospheric locations as it is a gripping narrative.

It’s all set against the backdrop of northern England, with its distinct landscapes providing a moody and reflective setting for the show’s intriguing mysteries.

The production chose the rugged and varied scenery of Lancashire and Yorkshire for its shooting locations.

Lancashire, known for its historic buildings and wild moorlands, and Yorkshire, with its rustic charm and picturesque villages, serve as the canvas for Ridley’s return to detective work.

Whether you’re familiar with these areas or they’re new to your eyes, the setting plays a key character in the unfolding drama.

You might recognize the wind-swept Todmorden Wind Farm, which marks the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire, or the serene scenes set by the canals in Todmorden.

Other notable spots include the town center of Bolton and the scenic locales of Watergrove and Hollingworth Lake in Wardle Village, just outside Rochdale.

These sites come together to create a palpable sense of place that accentuates the series’ compelling storylines.

Where Is Ridley Filmed?

Your favorite detective series, Ridley, showcases the beauty of rural England, as it takes you through varied landscapes, from the moors to historic town centers.

Here’s where you can find the picturesque settings that bring the series to life.

Location One

Lancashire is prominent throughout the series.

It’s here you’ll encounter scenes shot against the backdrop of expansive wind farms and pastoral settings.

Specifically, the Todmorden Wind Farm near Rossendale is one standout location that captures the essence of the show.

Location Two

Heading over to Yorkshire, you’re met with the stunning vistas of the Yorkshire Dales.

This location provides the rugged terrain and sweeping moorland you see throughout Ridley.

The authenticity of this setting complements the intricate storylines and dramatic twists.

Location Three

Lastly, Bolton features significantly, with its urban scenes lending a different texture to the show.

Le Mans Crescent in Bolton town center is a key filming site, where its architecture adds a historic dimension to Ridley’s investigations.

Secondary Filming Locations

In addition to the primary settings, Ridley includes a variety of secondary locations that contribute to the authenticity and diverse backdrop of the series.

Additional Site One

You can catch glimpses of the Todmorden Wind Farm as part of the show’s striking landscape.

It’s located on the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire and provides a dramatic and modern contrast to the rural scenery.

Additional Site Two

Some scenes bring you right into the heart of Bolton’s town atmosphere, offering a slice of urban life amidst the mainly rural settings of the series.

Bolton’s blend of historical and contemporary architecture adds a unique visual element to Ridley.

Behind The Scenes Insights

When you track the progression of Ridley‘s production, you’ll find that the series has firm roots in the picturesque settings of England.

Your immersion into the story is enhanced by authentic locations across Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The choice of locales isn’t just for show; they provide the backbone for the series’ atmosphere and depth.


  • The production team utilized the natural beauty and diverse landscapes for key scenes.


  • Known for its historic architecture and breathtaking vistas, filming here adds a genuine character to the series.


  • While not as extensively featured, Bolton’s contributions to the series are no less important.

Filming began in November 2021, wrapping up in April 2022.

The crew’s commitment to capturing the essence of Ridley’s narrative is evident through their meticulous selection of sites.

For instance, if you ever felt a chill watching Ridley, it’s no accident.

Places like the Todmorden Wind Farm straddle the Lancashire/Yorkshire boundary, showcasing the enigmatic and windswept English countryside.

The behind-the-scenes endeavor is not just about finding the right spot. It involves marrying the story with the site.

You can imagine the meticulous planning required for integrating complex film logistics into public spaces and the serene English countryside.

Such dedication is what breathes life into the series, providing you with an authentically engaging experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Locations:
    • Your journey through the filming locations of Ridley predominantly takes you to the scenic rural landscapes of northern England.
    • Expect to see vistas from Lancashire, Yorkshire, and the windswept Pennine moors.
  • Start of Production
    • The cameras started rolling for Ridley in January 2022.
    • The crew set their sights on the Todmorden Wind Farm near Rossendale, Lancashire, to capture some of the series’ initial scenes.

  • Principal Photography
    • The main filming period for Ridley stretched from November 2021 and concluded by mid-April 2022.
    • This phase of production encompassed a variety of locations to set up the perfect backdrop for this PBS series.
  • Bolton’s Role: While not as prominently featured as Lancashire or Yorkshire, some key scenes unfolded in Bolton, adding urban contrast to the largely rural setting.
  • Actor’s Experience: Adrian Dunbar, leading the cast, had not extensively worked in Manchester and its environs before.
    • Filming Ridley gave him, and will subsequently give you, a fresh perspective on the charming locales in and around Manchester.