Where Is This Morning Filmed?

If you’ve ever watched series that has fresh visuals, you might wonder where is This Morning filmed.

The engaging mid-morning show has become a staple, seamlessly becoming part of viewers’ daily routines, but it also piques curiosity about its filming location.

Initially, “This Morning” called the South Bank of the River Thames its home.

The iconic glass-fronted studio at the London Studios was synonymous with the show for over two decades.

However, since 2018, the show has made a much-talked-about move to Television Centre in West London’s White City.

This relocation brought a fresh backdrop to the beloved morning broadcast.

It’s not just the set that keeps viewers coming back, but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere “This Morning” provides.

Still, knowing where the programme is filmed adds a layer of connection between you and the show, feeling like part of an extended TV family as you tune in from the comfort of your own home.

Where Is This Morning Filmed?

This Morning, the popular daytime television show, has its main stage set within a recognizable location. It’s a place you might have seen on your screens for years.

Main Studio

This Morning has been broadcasted from the BBC Television Centre in West London’s White City since April 16, 2018.

Before that, the show was filmed at the London Studios on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London, a spot it called home for over two decades.

Outdoor Sets

While the majority of the show is filmed inside the main studio, outdoor sets are occasionally used to capture segments that benefit from an open-air backdrop.

The glass-fronted studio formerly at the London Studios provided a notable outdoor feel with views over the Thames, incorporating the vibrancy of the city into the show.

Production Details

When tuning into “This Morning,” you’re witnessing a show with a dynamic history of locations, backed by a robust production company and shot using varied filming techniques.

Production Company

This Morning is produced by ITV Studios, a British television production company.

It’s a significant player in the industry and has been responsible for “This Morning” since its inception.

Filming Techniques

This Morning employs a mix of studio setups and outside broadcasts.

The studio segments are typically shot with multi-camera setups, allowing for dynamic cuts and close-ups during interviews.

For segments that feature cooking, fashion, or other demonstrations, roaming and handheld cameras are often used to capture the details.

Outdoor segments, which might include live, on-location interviews or features, rely on portable equipment and satellite technology to broadcast back to the studio and your screen.

Presenting Team

Your experience of “This Morning” wouldn’t be complete without its dynamic presenting team, from the main fixtures you see daily to the guest presenters that bring their own unique flair to the show.

Main Presenters

Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley are the current anchors steering the “This Morning” ship.

They succeeded Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who had become household names with their warm and amicable hosting style until they left the show.

Guest Presenters

Over its history, “This Morning” has welcomed a diverse wave of guest presenters who step in, often during holiday periods or for specific segments.

These guest hosts vary from seasoned broadcasters to celebrities known for their other work, each adding a special touch during their stint on the show.

Viewer Engagement

In “This Morning,” your experience is enhanced by how the show integrates social media and values your participation.

These elements help create a dynamic viewing experience that keeps you engaged.

Social Media Integration

The show actively incorporates social media to keep you, the viewer, connected.

You’ll often find:

  • Live Twitter feeds: Viewers’ tweets are displayed during the show, allowing for real-time engagement.
  • Instagram stories: Behind-the-scenes content and polls are posted, giving you an insider look at the show.

Audience Participation

Your involvement is a key part of “This Morning,” with several ways for you to participate, including:

  • Phone-ins: You can call live to participate in discussions and ask questions.
  • Competitions: Regular chances for you to win prizes by entering contests conducted during the show.

Key Takeaways

Filming Locations of ‘This Morning’:

  • Originally, This Morning was broadcast from Albert Dock in Liverpool (1988 to 1996).
  • In 1996, the show moved to The London Studios on the South Bank in London.
  • The London Studios overlook the River Thames.
  • The show remained at this location until April 2018.

Changes and Rebranding:

  • Post-2018, This Morning underwent a rebranding and a revamp.
  • Part of this refresh was a change to the studio’s external appearance.
  • The outside of the studios was painted to reflect the This Morning brand.
  • This signaled its shooting location to viewers and passersby.

Here is a simple breakdown of the timeline and locations:

1988 – 1996Albert Dock, Liverpool
1996 – 2018The London Studios, South Bank, London


  • The location switch from Liverpool to London was a strategic move by ITV.
  • Staying current on the official filming sites is recommended due to potential future relocations or revamps.