Where Is Close To Me Filmed?

Where is Close to Me Filmed? You may ask if you are a fan of the dramatic psychological drama set in the UK. The dark drama starring Christopher Eccleston and Connie Nielsen is created from the book Close to Me by Amanda Reynolds. 

Close To Me is filmed in the South of England. It is set against a picturesque green countryside with amazing seaside views. The scenes in Close to Me are predominantly filmed in Hastings, a lovely town in Southeast England. Other locations in the show are Eastbourne, St Leonards, and Windsor.

If you’ve never heard of Close to Me, here is some exciting information about the show.

What Is Close To Me?

Close To Me is a thriller starring Jo (Connie Nielsen), a woman who suffers amnesia after falling down the stairs. She is a well-to-do wife and mother of two who works as a Danish translator.

After her tragic fall down the stairs, Jo struggles to remember the events that occurred during the past year. She also has to deal with the secretive nature of people around her who seem to know what happened.

Most of the things Jo had forgotten concern her life before the accident when everything seemed perfect. Although Jo felt she lived a perfect life with her husband Rob and their kids, now she feels it’s a sham. Will her family help her?

Her son seems to want his mother to know everything, while her husband wants a gradual reveal. That creates some underlying tension that doesn’t help matters. What are the people close to her, including her best friend Cathy (Susan Lynch), hiding? And are the hidden memories about her bad past?

Watch Close to Me on Channel 4 to find out.

Locations Where Close To Me Is Filmed

 Close to Me is filmed in a fantastic countryside in the South of England. Here are some of the show’s locations.

1. St Leonards

Many of the seafront scenes in Close to Me were filmed in St Leonards, in the Azur area. That’s where we see Jo buying seafood from a stall in Grand Parade after a conversation with Rob on East Hill. During the conversation, she begs Rob to reveal her latest memories to the police. We also see her visiting Rob’s Estate Agent business next to the Gurkha Chef restaurant in the same area.

2. Hastings

Most of the outdoor scenes in Close to Me were filmed in Hastings. Some of the memorable locations in the area are East Hill, Birling Gap, and Camber Sands. 

A good example is when Jo is driven home by Rob as they head to her detached house outside Hastings. We admire different settings in the town during the drive, such as Hastings Pier, Robertsons Place, and the True Crime Museum.

Another unforgettable scene is when Rob is pictured at Hastings Pier weeping while hurling Jo’s mobile into the sea.


If you’ve been asking, “Where is Close to Me Filmed?”. Now you know the answer. The popular psychological thriller is filmed in various picturesque locations in Southern England. 

Watch it to find out what secrets Jo is hiding? You may be surprised that the other cast members have more to hide. The show airs on Terrestrial TV and Channel 4’s catch-up service.