Where Is Benidorm Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the hit British sitcom, you might be curious where is Benidorm filmed.

The show aired from 2007 until 2018 and captures the adventures of holiday makers and staff within the vibrant settings of Benidorm, Spain.

Each episode paints a vivid picture of the British tourist experience in this popular Mediterranean resort town.

For those following the stories of characters like Mateo, Mick, and Madge, visiting the actual filming sites offers a taste of the show’s atmosphere.

Most notably, the Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel is the real-life stand-in for the fictional Solana, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the authentic environment of their beloved series.

Beyond the hotel, Benidorm itself is a bustling city located on the eastern coast of Spain.

It’s not just a backdrop for the series but a character in its own right, with its pristine beaches, lively nightlife, and distinctive skyline of towering hotels and apartment buildings.

Although the Solana Hotel doesn’t exist, you’ll recognize various locations around the town that were featured in the sitcom, adding to the show’s authentic Spanish holiday vibe.

Where Is Benidorm Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the popular British sitcom Benidorm, you’ll be excited to explore the real locations where the show is set and shot.

Here’s a guide to the iconic spots you might recognize from the series.

Solana Hotel

The Solana Resort is central to Benidorm’s plot, portraying the holiday experience of its characters.

Although not a real hotel, the show mainly films at the Sol Pelicanos Ocas in Benidorm, Spain.

You’ll recognize the hotel’s façade and pools as the on-screen Solana if you visit.

Neptune’s Bar

Neptune’s Bar is featured frequently within the show as a hub of social activity.

It’s shot in a real bar called Morgan’s Tavern, which is located across from The Benidorm Palace.

The tavern’s exterior and interior were used for filming, providing a familiar setting for viewers.

Local Beaches

You can’t miss the beautiful beaches that are often seen in the series.

Levante Beach is one of the principal beaches where filming takes place, showcasing the bustling beach atmosphere and the Mediterranean Sea.

Scenes here capture the essence of a holiday in Benidorm.

Town Streets and Landmarks

The streets and landmarks of Benidorm town play a significant role in the series, adding authenticity to the setting.

You’ll recognize various streets, squares, and local establishments throughout the town in many scenes from Benidorm.

Key locations include the area around the Benidorm Palace and the lively Calle Gerona.

Production Insights

In this section, you’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes, focusing on the efforts of the crew, the selection of locations, and the creative process of set design for the popular series “Benidorm.”

Crew and Direction

The direction team of “Benidorm” worked meticulously to bring the show’s unique sense of humor to life.

Collaborations between directors and crew members were key in capturing the essence of the series.

Camera operators, sound technicians, and lighting experts all played vital roles in producing the signature look and feel of “Benidorm.”

Location Scouting

Location scouts for “Benidorm” had the challenging task of finding sites that would convincingly represent the lively atmosphere of the Spanish tourist destination.

From beaches to bars, each location needed to offer a certain vibrancy that the show is known for.

The real-life Solana Hotel, commonly showcased in the series, although not an actual hotel, was a central hub that scouts searched tirelessly to replicate.

Set Design and Construction

Set designers and construction teams transformed ordinary spaces into the dynamic sets needed for the series.

Intricate details in the sets, such as those seen in Neptune’s Bar, allowed actors to immerse themselves fully into their roles.

Every prop and backdrop contributed to the authentic feel of the iconic Benidorm hotel experience, even though it was a created set rather than an existing location.

Cultural Impact

The hit TV series “Benidorm” has not only entertained viewers but has also left a tangible impact on the Spanish town it’s named after.

As you uncover the effects the show has had, you’ll see how it’s more than just a source of laughs.

Tourism Boost

Ever since “Benidorm” graced television screens, you might notice a significant uptick in tourist interest.

Enthusiastic fans of the show often seek out the filming locations, eager to experience in person the sights and sounds that they’ve seen on the show.

The Solana Hotel and Neptune’s Bar (both fictional names), derived from real establishments in Benidorm, serve as magnets for this surge in visitors.

  • Fictional vs Real names:
    • Solana Hotel → Hotel Sol Pelícanos Ocas
    • Neptune’s Bar → Morgan’s Tavern

Tour operators have also recognized this trend, adding themed tours to their itineraries to cater to the fans of the show, taking advantage of the series’ popularity to create unique travel experiences.

Local Economy

Your understanding of “Benidorm’s” cultural impact wouldn’t be complete without considering its boost to the local economy.

The influx of tourists keen on seeing the show’s hotspots has resulted in increased business for local establishments.

Shops, restaurants, and other venues featured or resembling those in the series often experience more foot traffic and patronage.

Highlights for the Local Economy:

  • Increased employment opportunities in tourism-related businesses.
  • Enhanced visibility and promotion of local cultural events and festivals.

In essence, the economic ripples of “Benidorm” have spread widely, benefiting a range of stakeholders in the area.

Viewer’s Guide

Exploring the sunny streets of Benidorm, you can step into the vibrant world of the beloved TV series.

While the Solana Hotel is fictional, the real filming locations are accessible to fans.

How To Visit Filming Sites

Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel serves as the stand-in for the Solana.

It’s here on Calle Gerona that you can capture the essence of the show’s backdrop.

To visit:

  • Plan ahead: Check the hotel’s visitor policy as you may need to book a room or a tour.
  • Location: Find it at Calle Gerona, Benidorm, accessible via public transport or car.

Tip: Visit during off-peak seasons to avoid the crowds and have a more personable experience.

Fan Experiences

Meeting fellow enthusiasts and sharing moments can make your visit special.

Here’s how to enhance your fan experience:

  • Fan meet-ups: Look for scheduled get-togethers, often organized through fan forums and social media.
  • Photo opportunities: Don’t miss the pool area, which is frequently featured in the show—perfect for a snapshot!

Key Takeaways

  • Locations: The sitcom Benidorm was primarily filmed in its namesake location, Benidorm, Spain.
    • This bustling tourist destination provided the backdrop for the hit series.
  • Solana Hotel: While the Solana Hotel is a fictional establishment, the filming used Hotel Sol Pelícanos Ocas to represent it.
    • You can visit this hotel for a taste of the show’s setting.
  • Neptune’s Bar: Neptune’s is another key location from the series.
    • It’s based on the real-life Morgan’s Tavern, a popular spot for visitors.

Places of Interest

  • Visit Morgan’s Tavern, the inspiration for Neptune’s Bar, to immerse yourself in the show’s atmosphere.
  • Explore the streets of Benidorm, where many outdoor scenes were shot, and experience the city’s vibrant culture.