Where Is Ackley Bridge Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the British comedy-drama series, you might want to know where is Ackley Bridge filmed, with the show’s evocative scenes are brought to life.

Well, the series, known for its dynamic portrayal of a multicultural academy school, has been predominantly filmed in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The town’s blend of classic architecture and modern touches provides the perfect backdrop for the fictional town of Ackley Bridge, delivering a sense of authenticity and northern charm that resonates with the audience.

One particular spot that stands out as the main filming location is the former St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Holmfield.

This school, which ceased operations in 2013, has found new life as the setting for Ackley Bridge College within the show.

As you watch the characters navigate through their diverse and complex lives, it’s this very building and its surroundings that add a layer of realism to the heartwarming and sometimes challenging narratives presented in the series.

Where Is Ackley Bridge Filmed?

Ackley Bridge, the popular Channel 4 drama, brings to life a fictional town set in a multicultural academy.

Your curiosity about the location of this engaging series is understandable, as the authentic backdrop plays a significant role in the show’s storytelling.

The series is primarily filmed in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The town provides a realistic and relatable setting that mirrors the community-centric vibe of the show.

The heart of Ackley Bridge, the school itself, is filmed at the former St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Holmfield.

Although the school closed down in 2013, it found new life as the central filming location for Ackley Bridge College in the series.

Filming Locations in Halifax:

  • The school scenes: Former St Catherine’s Catholic High School, Holmfield
  • Town scenes: Various locations around Halifax
  • Iconic shots: Fenton Road, notably scenes with Missy and Nas

When driving around Halifax or strolling through its streets, you might recognize areas that have appeared on-screen.

Halifax’s architecture and landscape contribute to the authentic feel of a town grappling with the cultural and educational themes explored in Ackley Bridge.

The decision to film in an existing town rather than a set ensures that every scene resonates with a sense of place and community that viewers truly appreciate.

Whether it’s the bustling school corridors or the high-street clashes, Halifax offers a perfect canvas for Ackley Bridge’s narrative.

Keep an eye out for these familiar spots the next time you watch an episode!

Filming In Halifax

When you explore the settings of Ackley Bridge, you’ll find that the heart of its production beats in and around Halifax, West Yorkshire.

This town’s authentic landscapes and buildings provide the perfect backdrop for the series’ fictional setting.

The Real Ackley Bridge School

North Halifax Grammar School serves as the main location for the Ackley Bridge College.

Its corridors, classrooms, and exterior have been regularly transformed into the show’s educational institution.

You might recognize the distinctive architecture and school fields that are often featured onscreen.

Other Locations in Halifax

Beyond the school, Ackley Bridge includes numerous filming locations throughout Halifax.

Here are a few you might spot:

  • Square Chapel Arts Centre
  • Halifax Town Centre: Its streets and public areas bring urban aspects of Ackley Bridge to life.
  • Savile Park: Scenes set in more open, green spaces are filmed here.

Additionally, some specific areas in Halifax, like Fenton Road in Kings Cross, have gained attention.

This is where some of the series’ memorable moments, such as where Missy and Nas sit atop a skip, were captured.

Filming in Other Parts of West Yorkshire

Ackley Bridge, set in a fictional Yorkshire town, showcases the beauty and diversity of West Yorkshire through its filming locations.

You’ll feel connected to the local communities and breathtaking landscapes just as the characters do.

Community Scenes

In Halifax, you’re taken right into the heart of community life.

Fenton Road is specifically used to capture those down-to-earth moments, like where Missy and Nas are chatting atop a skip, giving you a genuine feel of the local atmosphere.

Scenic Shots

West Yorkshire isn’t just about the urban pulse; it also offers scenic views that add depth to Ackley Bridge.

The Square Chapel Arts Centre in Halifax is among the visual highlights, providing a picturesque backdrop that complements the show’s vibrant storytelling.

Production Insights

When exploring the engaging world of “Ackley Bridge,” you’ll find that its authentic feel is a product of meticulous location scouting and thoughtful set design.

Location Scouting

Halifax, West Yorkshire, serves as the primary filming area for “Ackley Bridge.”

The choice of Halifax is strategic; it reflects the show’s gritty and realistic representation of a fictional northern town.

You might recognize the exterior shots that are prominently set around Halifax, which helps capture the essence of the setting that “Ackley Bridge” aims to depict.

  • Former St Catherine’s Catholic High School: This now-closed institution represents Ackley Bridge College in the series, providing a convincing backdrop for the educational drama.

Set Design

The set of “Ackley Bridge” is carefully crafted to mirror the socio-economic backdrop of the series’ storyline.

Every detail, from the classroom layout to the graffiti on the walls, is designed to reflect the lived experience of a typical school in such a community.

  • Interior Consistency: The interiors are consistent with the types of schools found in similar British towns, serving to deepen viewer immersion.

Impact on Local Communities

When your town becomes a filming location for a popular television series like Ackley Bridge, there are immediately noticeable effects.

One positive impact you might observe is a boost in the local economy.

Local businesses such as cafes and hotels often see an upturn in customers, with film crews and fans alike frequenting these establishments.

In Halifax, where much of Ackley Bridge is filmed, you could see a surge in employment opportunities, even if temporarily.

For instance, production teams might hire local residents for on-set roles, from extras to behind-the-scenes support.

This situation often leads to locals gaining valuable experience and interesting anecdotes to share about on-screen moments.

Community Engagement

  • Local Participation: You might get a chance to participate in the series as an extra or in a small walk-on role.
  • Pride: Seeing your hometown on television can instill a great sense of local pride.
  • Tourism Interest: The show can attract tourists, fans of the series curious to see the real-life locations.

You’ll also notice a heightened camaraderie and shared experiences as people in the community come together, sometimes volunteering, to ease the filming process.

While disruptions due to production can occur, they are often outweighed by the excitement and opportunities that a television production brings to a community.

How To Visit Filming Locations

If you’re a fan of the Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge and are interested in seeing where the magic happens, you can visit the filming locations in and around Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Here’s your brief guide to making the most of your visit.


  • Ackley Bridge College: The school scenes are shot at the former St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Holmfield.
  • Town Areas: Various scenes have been filmed in Halifax, with its buildings and streets seen on screen.

Planning Your Trip:

  • It’s best to research ahead of your visit.
  • Check if the locations are accessible to the public.
  • Some may be on private property or not available during filming.
  • Travel: Halifax is well-connected by train from major cities in the UK.
  • Once there, local buses can get you around town, or you can opt to walk or cycle.

When to Visit:

  • Plan your visit when filming is not taking place to prevent any restrictions.
  • The filming schedule is not always public, but typically, if a new series is announced, it might be in production.

Respect the Locations:

  • Remember that some of these places are in residential areas.
  • Be considerate and maintain the cleanliness and privacy of locales.

Enjoy Your Visit:

  • Bring a camera, but use it respectfully. Chat with locals—they might share some behind-the-scenes anecdotes!

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Location: The setting of Ackley Bridge is in the scenic locality of Halifax, West Yorkshire.
  • School Setting: The series centers around Ackley Bridge College.
    • It comes to life in the now-closed St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Holmfield.
      Primary LocationHalifax, West Yorkshire
      School Filming SiteFormer St Catherine’s Catholic High School, Holmfield
  • Series Setting: Though set in the fictional town of Ackley Bridge, the filming extensively uses the town of Halifax and its surrounding areas to portray the setting convincingly.
  • Local Impact: During the filming, residents of Halifax might have noticed film crews around town.
    • This added a touch of excitement to local life, especially for the third series.