Where Is Strike Filmed?

If you’re a fan of detective series, you may have wondered where is Strike filmed.

The bustling streets and iconic landmarks of London serve as the atmospheric backdrop for the acclaimed television series “Strike,” based on the detective novels written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

As you follow the gritty adventures of Cormoran Strike, a hardened private investigator, you’re not just diving into compelling mysteries—you’re also glimpsing into the authentic locations that bring the story to life.

Each episode weaves its narrative through real neighborhoods, streets, and buildings, creating an immersive experience that blends fiction with the very real tapestry of London.

Diving deeper into the locations, you’ll find that the production has taken care to match the fictional settings described in the books with their real-world counterparts.

Strike’s office, for instance, is set above what was once the 12 Bar Club on the famous Denmark Street, known for its rich musical history.

Although in reality it’s closed down, for the TV series, a neighboring building provides the picturesque front for the detective’s base of operations.

This level of attention to detail extends across the various filming sites, from the polished streets of Mayfair to the vibrant buzz of Kingsland High Street.

As Strike moves from scene to scene, solving one case after another, London more than just a setting—it becomes a character in its own right.

Whether shadowing Strike through the corridors of power or the darkened alleys of London’s complex urban landscape, you’re witnessing the city’s multifaceted personality, one that adds depth and authenticity to the drama unfolding in each episode.

Where Is Strike Filmed?

You can explore the captivating filming locations of the series “Strike,” as it brings to life the detective stories authored by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The series skillfully uses real locations across various parts of the UK, with a notable emphasis on London.

London Settings

London serves as a central character in “Strike,” offering authenticity to the series.

You’ll find the Duke Of York pub on 47 Rathbone Street near the BT Tower in Fitzrovia marking the exterior of where Strike often ventures.

The detective’s office is styled in a distinctly London fashion, set near Tottenham Court Road at 6th Denmark Street.

Duke Of York pubThe exterior for the series, located at 47 Rathbone Street
Denmark StreetThe location of Strike’s office, near Tottenham Court Road

For TV adaptions of specific scenes, the settings sometimes shift.

For instance, while The Cuckoo’s Calling book had a scene set at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen in Hyde Park, in the screen version, Strike meets characters at different spots like Smith & Wollensky.

Outside of London

When “Strike” steps out of London, the locations are no less thrilling.

Film crews were seen capturing the essence of Cornwall, with sightings at Holywell Bay, St Mawes, Falmouth, and Port Navas.

You might recognize Falmouth’s Pier Cafe and the Palacio Lounge from certain scenes.

RegionNotable Locations
CornwallHolywell Bay, St Mawes, Falmouth, Port Navas

From urban streets to coastal vistas, “Strike” embraces the diverse landscapes of the UK, ensuring that the setting contributes vividly to the storytelling.

Filming Studios and Sets

Your journey through the world of Strike wouldn’t be complete without a peek behind the curtain at the filming studios and sets that bring the show to life.

Interiors Filming

When it comes to the indoor scenes, Strike‘s office makes a significant appearance.

It’s designed to replicate the office described in the books, which is located on Denmark Street.

However, the TV series often uses studio sets that recreate the iconic locations.

These controlled environments allow the team to manage lighting and sound for the perfect shot, providing an authentic feel whilst maintaining production efficiency.

Set Design and Construction

Set Design and Construction involves meticulous detailing to ensure the series’ aesthetic aligns with the source material.

The design team constructs sets that reflect the narrative’s tone, from the textures of the walls to the lighting fixtures.

Talgarth Road artist studio flats were recreated to match their description from the books.

Every prop and piece of scenery aims to transport you straight into Strike‘s world.

Challenges In Filming

When your favorite series comes to life on screen, it’s the outcome of overcoming numerous production challenges.

Among these, weather and logistics play pivotal roles in the process.

Weather Constraints

Filming is often at the mercy of the weather, which can cause significant delays.

For example, if Strike: Troubled Blood required a sunny backdrop for a particular Buckinghamshire village scene, unexpected rain could pause the filming, forcing the crew to reschedule or adapt.

Logistical Considerations

The logistics of moving cast, crew, and equipment from one location to another demands precise coordination.

Let’s say the transition from Greek Street to Manette Street for The Cuckoo’s Calling scenes involves clearing the area, securing permission, and managing times for when the streets are least crowded, turning a public space into a set warrants extensive planning.

Behind The Scenes

When you dive into the making of the show Strike, you’ll find that the atmosphere and authenticity captured on screen are greatly influenced by the directors’ vision and enriched by the cast and crew’s experiences during filming.

Director’s Influence

The TV adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s crime novels, brought to life under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith, owes much of its aesthetic to the director’s influence.

With each episode, they ensure that the essence of Cormoran Strike’s investigations is grounded in realism, often opting for on-location shooting to enhance the viewers’ immersion into the detective’s world.

Cast and Crew Anecdotes

From the cast’s perspective, Tom Burke, who plays Cormoran Strike, has openly shared his fondness for shooting in specific locations that he’d always wished to visit.

The cast and crew experience a unique blend of fiction and reality as each location brings new challenges and inspirations.

The Silkworm episode, for instance, involved scenes shot at artist studio flats on Talgarth Road, a detail mirroring the book’s narrative.

This behind-the-scenes order contributes to a genuine ambiance that resonates with both the actors and the viewers.

Key Takeaways

  • London Landmarks: You’ll recognize Leicester Square Station and Charing Cross Road from “The Cuckoo’s Calling.”
    • Keep in mind the detail that Robin originally gets off at Tottenham Court Road Station in the book.
  • Kensington Setting: The exterior of Lula Landry’s flat is brought to life at Rutland Gate, Kensington, highlighted in “The Cuckoo’s Calling.”
  • Cornwall Coast: Picturesque Cornwall serves as a backdrop.
    • Film crews were spotted in Holywell Bay, St Mawes, Falmouth, and Port Navas, making appearances in “Strike: Troubled Blood.”
  • Beyond London and Cornwall: Lincolnshire and Buckinghamshire locations were also used, broadening the geographical tapestry of the series.
  • Adaptation Authenticity: The TV show remains faithful to the source material.
    • It also reflects the variety of locations mentioned in Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling’s books.