Where Is Back To Life Filmed?

If you frequently watch television drama series, you may also think where is Back to Life filmed.

The coastal town of Hythe in Kent, England, serves as the picturesque backdrop for the dark-comedy series “Back to Life”.

The series follows Miri Matteson, who returns to her childhood home after 18 years of incarceration.

As you watch Miri reintegrate into a world full of old faces and new challenges, the town’s locales weave into her story, becoming almost as central as the characters themselves.

You’ll notice the charming seafront, the cozy Britannia Pub Inn, and the expansive car park which all play their parts in the narrative.

Not just a setting, these places are symbolic of Miri’s personal landscape as she navigates the complexities of her post-prison life.

The authentic English scenery, with sweeping shots of places like Abbot’s Cliff and the White Cliffs of Dover, contribute to the show’s atmosphere and its American indie film vibe.

Highlighting social issues with a touch of humor, “Back to Life” enjoys critical acclaim, with filming locations that reflect the intricate blend of drama and dark comedy that’s captured audiences’ attention.

If you appreciate storytelling that marries plot with place, then the scenery of “Back to Life” will resonate with you, as it is very much a character in its own right.

Where Is Back To Life Filmed?

“Back to Life,” the dark comedy TV series, takes you through various captivating scenes set in picturesque English locations, giving you a glimpse of the country’s coastal and urban beauty.

Key Setting Regions

The primary backdrop for “Back to Life” is Kent, a county in southeastern England.

Kent, also known as ‘The Garden of England’, offers diverse landscapes which are integral to the narrative of Miri Matteson’s journey.

Your eyes will be treated to scenes filmed in the coastal town of Hythe, which is pivotal to the show’s setting.

Notable Landmarks and Establishments

While watching “Back to Life,” you’ll be able to pinpoint several landmarks and establishments.

For instance, the series features the Hythe seafront, which stands out as a key filming location.

Thrill-seekers might recognize Chessington World of Adventures near London, which is used for the scene where Miri is taken out for a day of fun.

Secondary Filming Locations

While Hythe is the primary location for “Back to Life,” additional filming takes place in other areas that add depth and variety to the show’s setting.

Additional Towns and Cities

  • Greatstone, Kent: You’ll find scenic shots of the beach and surrounding environment in this quaint area.
    • It’s notably featured through scenes in the Lade Car Park located at Coast Drive, Lydd-on-Sea, a site just a few miles from Hythe.
  • Abbot’s Cliff, Kent: Providing a backdrop for some of the series’ more dramatic moments, Abbot’s Cliff offers sweeping views that are essential to the storyline.

Studio Sets and Facilities

Studio work for “Back to Life” primarily occurs in facilities designed to replicate indoor settings convincingly.

Specific studio names are not mentioned frequently, but they play a critical role in creating the intimate, personal scenes of the show.

Production Insights

When exploring the production of “Back to Life,” you’ll uncover the unique places and stories behind the scenes.

Capturing the essence of the series required meticulous location scouting and overcoming a variety of filming challenges.

Location Scouting Process

The producers sought to find locales that would faithfully represent the fictional coastal hometown of the protagonist Miri Matteson.

They settled on picturesque Kent towns such as Hythe and Lydd-on-Sea.

Their selection perfectly echoes the show’s blend of dark humor and drama, with the natural beauty of the coast adding a layer of visual storytelling.

  • Key Locations:
    • Hythe, Kent
    • Lydd-on-Sea, Kent

Filming Challenges

During the production, the team faced filming challenges typical of location shoots.

Weather conditions, for instance, had to be carefully managed to maintain continuity.

Additionally, they needed to integrate into the community spaces without disrupting daily life.

Filming at Chessington World of Adventures posed its own set of trials, requiring coordination for crowd control and capturing scenes amidst the backdrop of an operational theme park.

  • Notable Challenges:
    • Weather continuity
    • Community integration
    • Crowd control at Chessington World of Adventures

Cultural Impact

When a TV show like Back to Life is filmed in a real-life location, it often leaves an imprint on the community, influencing local sentiment and even the area’s economy.

Let’s explore how Hythe has been touched by the series.

Local Reception

Hythe, a small coastal town, has witnessed a surge of interest following its feature in Back to Life.

The residents have taken pride in seeing their hometown depicted on-screen, often praising the authentic representation and the attention it brings to their local culture and landmarks.

Tourism and Economy

The spotlight on Hythe due to Back to Life has had a tangible effect on tourism and the local economy.

Visitors are drawn to the picturesque seafront and other filming sites, boosting revenue for businesses such as:

  • Local eateries
  • Accommodation services
  • Tour guides specializing in Back to Life tours

This increase in tourism often leads to job creation, providing an economic uplift that can be particularly beneficial for small towns featured in popular television shows.

Key Takeaways

Filming Locations

  • Hythe and Folkestone, Kent: Your coastal hometown setting in Back to Life is brought to life in Hythe and Folkestone, Kent.
    • These areas feature prominently, giving the show an authentic seaside town feel.
  • Chessington World of Adventures: For the episode featuring a theme park, the filming took place at Chessington World of Adventures, offering an exciting backdrop.


  • The show embraces the scenic backdrops of its filming locations.
  • It makes the most of the natural landscapes and local scenery.

On-Screen Representation

You can spot familiar locales of Fisherman’s Beach and streets of Hythe and Folkestone as they appear on the series.

This may pique your interest if you’re a local viewer or planning a visit.